18 The Unique Photo Exhibion of a Soviet War Reporter

The Unique Photo Exhibion of a Soviet War Reporter

Posted on June 11, 2011 by team

Evgeny Khaldei is one of the most famous Soviet photographers, a reporter of the TASS news in pictures, he represented its editorial staff during the Great Patriotic War. All 1,418 days he and his “Leica” went from Murmansk to Berlin. One of his most popular photos is “The Raising of the victory flag over the Reichstag”. Photos of Evgeny Khaldei were among evidences at the Nuremberg trials, especially those made in Sevastopol. After the war photographer fell out of favour, and despite the fact that after Stalin’s death, he again gained access to the newspaper pages, until 1970 he could not organize his photo exhibition in the Soviet Union because of oppressions of the Soviet leaders. Today, the festival “War and Peace” is held in the Sevastopol museum of Sheremetev, here people can see unique images, printed from negatives of the author. Many of them are exhibited for the first time.

The Subarctic, deer Yasha, 1941.

Marines, the Subarctic, 1941.

Sevastopol, a sailors’ trophy.

Budapest, the February of 1945.

The soldiers’ work. Polar regions, 1941.

The first day of the war. Moscow, June 22, 1941. October 25 Street, 12.00. Citizens listen to V. Molotov about the beginning of the war.

Marines, Sevastopol. May, 1944.

Captured, Sevastopol. May, 1944.

Sevastopol, May, 1944.


Sevastopol, 1941.

Sevastopol, May, 1944.

Evgeny Kholdei in Sevastopol, 1944.

A laundry, Sevastopol, May, 1944.


JAK-3 over the Sapun Mountain in Sevastopol, May, 1944.

The Black Sea. A watchman.

Partisans, 1944.

“Vickers, ” The Northern Fleet, 1943.

The liberation of Kerch, 1943.

The battleship Sevastopol, May, 1944.

Sevastopol. May, 1944.

Sailors of the cruiser “Molotov”, Sevastopol, May, 1944.

“Glory to the liberators of Sevastopol. “Sevastopol after the war.

Morning exercises in a kindergarten. Sevastopol, first years after the war.


Children are playing in ruined Sevastopol, first years after the war.

The Quarantine bay. May, 1944.

Sevastopol, May, 1945.

The Victory Parade in Moscow. Evgeny Khaldei at the shooting, June 24, 1945.

The first Ukrainian front.


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18 responses to “The Unique Photo Exhibion of a Soviet War Reporter”

  1. domkle says:

    Very nice set of pics, thanks but let correct something.

    “After the war photographer fell out of favour”. How delicately put ! The truth is that he was fired from TASS because he was a Jew, a lucky one BTW as he was not executed or sent to the East. Not good to be a Jew then, even a great photographer …

  2. ZeroDrop says:

    What great pictures!

  3. Unknown says:

    Truly awesome pictures. Great work!

  4. PMN says:

    Wonderful photos…even though most of them were staged.

  5. CZenda says:

    I remember an interview with the photographer where he said that the only money he´d ever got for the Reichstag photograph were from US-based magazine (maybe Time?) after the fall of the Iron Curtain. He joked about it and said he spent it on salami.
    I guess everybody knows the photo was censored not to show that the Soviet soldier had far too many watches 🙂
    If I am not mistaken, the bombers are Lend-Lease Bostons.

    • andy says:

      LOL about “too many watches” – it was two, and I have copy that photo – it would seem from the amount Nazi’s looted from USSR, and destroyed, two wristwatches would not be too serious a payback. Anyway this wonderful soldier died in Dagestan in 2010, I believe. I have this swell photo on my liv. room wall in Seattle to remind me of what the Soviets did for us Americans. My uncle trained 8th AF pilots, we bombed Nazis.
      I only care about the symbolism: for picky types, the first flag was only a red tablecloth I believe. Later retaken, more than once. Just like Iwo Jima.

  6. George Johnson says:

    Some good photo’s, but I wonder how many were staged? Like those guys “wading ashore”, I KNOW that is staged because there’s no ripples in the water. Only where they had just moved, they have been standing there for a while.

    And the one about raising the flag… Which photo are you talking about? The first day when it was really raised? Or the second when it was staged for the cameras?

    But, like I said, he does have some good photo’s.

  7. former_russian says:

    the fact that the last 2/3 of WW2 soviet union was against hitler doesn’t make them heroes.

  8. ExCommie says:

    You are correct, a “true hero” is the one who posts nonesense. Soviet Union was never with or for Hitler, there was a non aggression pact, but there was never much love between two countries.

  9. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. The non-agression past destroyed the myth of the benevolent cradle of communism, and helped Hitler a great deal.

    • PMN says:

      Hitler wanted to tie up his business with France and Britain, Stalin thought he had a solid two+ years to prepare. It was a cynical arrangement on both sides.

  10. Archy Bunka says:


  11. kater says:

    Russian history is soooo full of lies. Just one of them, a very serious one, is the day WW2 started. Just to remind you, my dear peace-loving Soviets, its started on Sept 01, 1939. Not in 1941. And you were not the first country to be hit. Learn your facts. Stop polluting the web with your lies!

    • komentator says:

      ok ok we got it.You are a nazi scum bag,and you hate commies and you are pathological liar.We know that war started on 01.09.39′,and we say it started then.Only you western sociopaths love to lie that we think it started in 41′.Then on your own lies,you feed your sick hatred towards Eastern nations.Tipical western pathological hypocrite-sociopath

      • Connor T says:

        *American sociopaths believed it started in ’41. Us Canadians know it started in ’39

        • Yorgo says:

          It actually started in 37. (Japanese invasion of China) and I think Kater just meant Russians ignore the fact that they were the belligerent nation on Hitler’s side in 39….

  12. anticommies says:

    Commie scums!

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