6 Testing New Military Equipment

Testing New Military Equipment

Posted on June 10, 2011 by team

A graphic illustration of how much dust there was on the training ground.

Sometimes it was diluted with the sprays of dirty water.

This two-piece tracked all-terrain vehicle with the “muzzle” of the KAMAZ is unlikely to be familiar to your eyes. It’s the TTM 4901 PS.

Despite the fact that this beautiful vehicle looks clumsy and reaches the maximum speed of only 45 km/h, it can crawl, climb and swim almost anywhere.

And this is its “elder brother”, the Vityaz (“Knight”) which resembles a huge white caterpillar or hippopotamus.


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6 Responses to “Testing New Military Equipment”

  1. xmz says:

    No russian tires for UAZ or BFGoodrich are made in Russia ???

  2. Russian citizen says:

    For the army alone can do. Square design. Iron in bulk. Wheels for more. Motors for engorgement. And for the citizen or the appearance of fine draw, no air conditioning or automatic transmission can not be done.

  3. alessio says:

    Some of the vehiclesare super nice, specially that Helicopter and the “full track bus” I would like to drive that one for shure! (TTM 4901 PS)

    What about the “Iveco Lincie” Russia would bult them. But no pictures of them, maybe they are still not in production? Some one can anser?

  4. EnglishBob says:

    Of course this is a scripted public exhibition. The real work done here isn’t so smooth and impressive all the time.

  5. testicules says:

    More targets for drones and Apachees

    • Muzzlehatch says:

      Not as long as Mr Obama is in power, and perhaps for longer than that. Russian and American soldiers are comrades-in-arms (against China).

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