16 Abandoned Air Base

Abandoned Air Base

Posted on June 10, 2011 by kulichik

The access to the area is hardly restricted.

It’s believed that the planes are old-fashioned now and are subject to disposition.


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16 Responses to “Abandoned Air Base”

  1. tomas says:

    Adn what is not abbandoned in Russia?

  2. ronin shidane says:


  3. George Johnson says:

    Better this way.

  4. JZ says:

    Those are one of my favorite bombers of all time, sad to see them like this…

  5. alessio says:

    they should be in a museum, it is too sad to see them waiting to rot away or being vandalized or cannibalized.

    I guess they now symbolize the end of an era where Russia threatened the west, and now are obsolete..
    There would be amot of buyers who want to show them to the public

  6. cockatrice says:

    In the end, this is all it was worth.

  7. Zonda says:

    In all your posts regarding abandoned places, remind me that bilion of $ was wasted for nothing, serve nobody… as my above writers say: so sad to see that waste of money, energy and time…

  8. Mazo says:

    So sad to these machines that were created being left to rot like these.
    Russia could have sold them or even “given them away” for free in exchange for something else. The Indians, the Chinese, the Iraqis, the Iranians, the Syrians, etc could all have used these in some fashion. It is better that they are used in some way rather than just rusting.

  9. m0 says:

    very bad copy of f-111

  10. mert says:

    These aircraft were never intended to compete with the F111. As much as I like the F111, I feel that these TU-22Ms have a more purposeful, and menacing look about them. Just my opinion.

  11. vic amsan says:

    This bombers can not be converted.They are design only for bombing.Russians can thank for the low quality of life to t-GOV to built 5 times more arms then t-west.In t-80 they have 40.000 nukes.(95.000) tanks,apc,and t-rest of inventory.You people can check on,,PARALEL HISTORY PROJECT,, and see how stupids we are.

  12. Thomas says:

    Soviet Union bankrupted itself with military spending and US is going to do the same: They already owe more than GNP, like Greece.

    As long as dollar is the only currency to buy oil it has value and it’s the amount of the oil it can buy. It has been shrinking quite fast lately.

  13. Social Programs says:

    Are as large an expenditure as all defence spengine.

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