13 Sweeten Your Life At The Lviv Confectionary

Sweeten Your Life At The Lviv Confectionary

Posted on June 8, 2011 by team

Lviv is famous for its coffee shops and “tsukernies” (confectioneries). Coming here visitors touch the history and traditions, enter one of the oldest confectionery companies in Ukraine – the factory “Svitoch”.

The factory is located at Tkatskaya, 10. Although the brand Svitoch appeared only in the Soviet period, the company started its history from the distant 1882. Since 60s of the last century, the word Svitoch gradually became a mark of quality and long traditions of chocolate in Lviv for the entire population of the Soviet Union.

When you get to the factory territory, immediately after the entrance you can see a graffiti: “It is necessary to remember about security since January till December!”. Health and safety of work in “Svitoch” are in a especial honour here. Let’s make sure of it.

After a brief acquaintance all visitors are reliably equiped – they receive crisp white robes, fishenet caps, shoe covers and ear plugs. Before getting directly to the production everyone can check a compliance between their appearance and standards of the enterprise, by looking into a big mirror.

The first production is the line for the sweets production from the series “Dessert palettes” of milk and white chocolate.

A worker in gloves sorts freshly prepared sweets.

Candies pending the wrapping “float” on a conveyor line. Fallen candies demonstrate their fillings of dark chocolate.

Here is a packing tape (at the bottom of the picture) and candies are already in wrappers. Everything roars and moves in this place.

Packed sweets fall from the conveyor into boxes and after they are weighed on electronic scales.

And here is the finished product – weight candies “Coconut cream” from the series “Dessert palettes”.


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13 Responses to “Sweeten Your Life At The Lviv Confectionary”

  1. Mitch says:

    “Hold the handtrail and do not speak on the phone!”

    Like the guy is doing in the background?? :)

  2. ronin shidane says:

    sweety…huh = )

  3. testicules says:

    That looks like a sweet place to work

  4. Marked One says:

    I really like these factory series ones you do. It’s a great insight into industrial processes.

  5. olek says:

    english – russia. So why do you inform about ukraine? Russian neoimperialism?

  6. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Agree. I always enjoy pictures from industry.

  7. perristalsis says:

    Not like some of the places E.R. has posted; workers wearing slippers or open toed thongs, no hair nets, no gloves, one chick was scratching her nose and next shot had her rolling sausage or something barehanded. This place knows good hygiene practices.

  8. YJ says:

    Who is going to consume all that.

  9. Gary says:

    The facility follows GAMP because it is Nestle. Nice to see.

  10. Eram says:

    I like to be there.

  11. Tom says:

    The worker picking the waffels doesn’t wear any gloves or bags on his shoes. That’s just bad example for the visitors going through all this trouble of hygiene, and really takes the air out of all the beautiful signs.

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