9 Wall Climbing Dog

Wall Climbing Dog

Posted on June 7, 2011 by team

I bet it would be the weirdest dog you’ve seen today so far!

This Soviet dog CAN surprise. Just watch the video below:

[flv:/video/climbing_dog.flv 480 368]



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9 Responses to “Wall Climbing Dog”

  1. dogs' friend says:

    I bet this dog has seen too many times serie D’Artacan y los tres mosqueperros : )

  2. testicules says:

    Spider Dog, Spider Dog, Does what ever Spider dog can

  3. xoxo says:

    Soviet dog?!

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    No idea what ^ he ^ said.

  5. Marked One says:

    At no point did the wall climb the dog… I is consfued. :P

  6. George Johnson says:


  7. Tauper says:

    That’s so cute!

  8. strelok says:

    Too ugly and small titted to work as prostitute or stripper, then join FEMEN for super “feminist” protest! But do the same thing, but is totally awesome because political! Not hipster!

  9. Avion says:

    If Romania is in Russia…

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