15 Russia In Miniature

Russia In Miniature

Posted on June 6, 2011 by kulichik

Would you like to see the whole of Russia just in a couple of hours? Then you are welcome to visit a new exhibition called the Grand Model available in Saint-Petersburg.

The giant model of the Russian Federation includes the most interesting places located on the territory of 800 square meters. The model is still under construction and is open for viewers only on Sunday.

It is not that famous yet and is located far from the historical center of the city of Saint-Petersburg. But those, who have visited the place, wonder there for hours examining every small detail as the view is fascinating.

According to official sources, this is the largest country model in the world.

“Place for advertising”.

Places of interest in Saint-Petersburg.

Opening bridges.

Quay wedding.


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15 Responses to “Russia In Miniature”

  1. Sub says:

    Freakin Awesome!

  2. JZ says:

    So much effort invested in this,Amazing!

  3. Robert says:

    Does anyone know what scale this is?

  4. perristalsis says:

    Only dedicated artists care to embellish such intricate details, this is very impressive.

  5. B2 says:

    I’ve always loved dioramas. These are the first Russian ones I’ve scene that didn’t have German soldiers in them.

  6. Misha says:

    Just saw that in TV news, really impressive work!!

  7. kbr says:

    I did see a like one, it is beautiful and I have absolute respect for the people who all handmaded it

  8. Jeff Pigden says:

    It’s HO scale. Similar to Miniatur Wonderland in Hamburg.

    • Zjoske says:

      I’m wondering which one is bigger, this one or Miniaur Wonderland. Unfortunately I haven’t visited either one

  9. Tauper says:

    This is way too cool, I love it!

  10. andrei says:


  11. scot says:

    Great… hope it’s a success.

  12. Maria SWE says:

    Wow this is really fantastic!
    I am wondering whether I can borrow one of the pictures for an article about this, for a swedish site about Russia? I would mention the name of the person who owns the photo.

  13. nunster says:

    Nicely done! I just wish they hand laid every tie. To any layout that is always the topper. Wooden ties and real spikes holding the rails in place. It is a lot of work. But as you can tell they have put a LOT of work into layout or more like a direama. Again WOW amazing and love the humor in some of the sceens.

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