13 Master Of Miniature Guns

Master Of Miniature Guns

Posted on June 1, 2011 by kulichik

Can you take a stainless cane with 3 mm in diameter and drill a hole of 2 mm alongside the cane at the depth of 3 cm? It’s fine if you can. Now let’s take a cane with 2 mm in diameter and drill an ideal 1 mm hole at the depth of 2 cm. Mind that you don’t have any power drill at your disposal but only a primitive hand brace used in 1970. Will you be successful this time? Hardly.

But there is a man who will. He has done it many many times.

He is a historian, constructor, woodcarver, jeweler and the only master making miniature copies of shotguns and cold weapon. “The Kalashnikov Gun”.

Over 30 years ago Alexander Perfiliev drilled his first longitudinal hole in a miniature Mauser copy with a hand brace. In 1979 he was busy with making the first exhibit for his future collection of small-arms in miniature.  It was a tiny Mauser. Some models are very complicated. Thus, it took 1 year to make a copy of the Mosin rifle. Most models are made of steel. Though, in case good material is lacking it’s possible to use whatever is nearby.

Alexander’s favorite model is a twisted steel sword that forms a loop. It was not easy to bend the sword to get a beautiful loop. He adores weapons but hates wars. The sword is tied up and placed into the earth saying it’s time to stop wars all around the world.

What we are talking about here are models that reproduce real guns in details. These are acting mechanisms and real copies of guns decreased 4-4.5 times. They could fire if real bullets were used. Due to the lack of information on guns he used to travel much when he wanted to collect schematic pictures and drawings. Now it’s all different as any kind of data is available on the net. “The British STEN Gun”

The hack was especially complicated because Alexander didn’t have real gun drawings. He managed to find schemes and descriptions and had to invent some technical moments by himself.

Buying special instruments in 1970 was practically impossible so he used whatever he had at his disposal. “The DP (Degtyarev Pechotnyi, or Degtyarev Infantry) light machine gun used in 1927″

Alexander Perfiliev was born in the Kyrinsk region of the Zabaikalsky krai. To become a professional teacher of the subject called collective farm mechanization he had to get the second higher pedagogical education. During those years he spent long hours in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. “The Kalashnikov gun, the USSR.”

On weekends Parfiliev visited exhibition halls in Saint-Petersburg and Tula. Guns in miniature seen in Tula produced lasting impression on the future gunnery master. He came back home accompanied by inspiration, promotional materials from visited exhibitions and a scratch stock. “The Makarov pistol, 1951, the USSR”.

Today his collection consists of 50 models he has created for 30 years.


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13 Responses to “Master Of Miniature Guns”

  1. Musa says:

    This man and his guns and rifles are impressive and awesome.

  2. Chico says:

    Pretty cool, wel done.
    Me can drink a lot of beer, now thats something too

  3. Steffi says:


  4. George Johnson says:

    I’d love to buy some of those. But I bet I can’t afford it. That’s some fantastic work.

  5. Norbert Stumpf says:

    Diese Geduld!!!

  6. Johan says:

    The gangster Tommy gun usually had a drum magazine like the PPS-41. The Tommy gun depicted here was like the type used in WWII by the American forces.

    Amazing work!

  7. testicules says:

    Where can I buy one?

  8. ao says:

    Russians DIY craftmanship is just incredible. One can understand why the Soviet generation perfected such skills since there was not a variety of products available, one had to do it by oneself. Wonder if such skills are still present in the new Russian generation under capitalism?

  9. studmuffin says:

    very amazing work, this required a lot of skill and patients, something that a lot of us do not have.

  10. CmS says:

    do they fire?

  11. Mark says:

    Would like to know prices, and buy one if possible..

  12. revjen45 says:

    Having worked as a gunsmith and a Manufacturing Engineer for machined parts for airliners, I have some idea what is involved and am astounded by the skill and craftsmanship of Mr. Perfiliev.

  13. ron says:

    Very skilled craftsman!!!!!

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