6 A River Cruise Trip

A River Cruise Trip

Posted on June 1, 2011 by team

Probably everybody had river trips on a cruiser. But who managed to get in rooms with the phrase written on them : “Staff only!”? Now you have an opportunity to see an engine room, a caboose, a mess-room, a captain’s bridge and of course, to stand at the wheel.

The litter collecting ship MS-1 greets you.


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6 Responses to “A River Cruise Trip”

  1. Gaby says:

    No, I never had river trips on a cruiser.

  2. Dee Ann says:

    WTF with the “white power” painted on the wall??

  3. Musa says:

    I love that clock and that steering wheel.

    I wonder how many dead bodies they have found?

  4. alessio says:

    A nice trip on a dredger that once was used to clean river beds.
    Nice tought :)
    Is white power the cleanings company name?

  5. Matlok says:

    Interesting post. I think working on MS1 would be pretty cool. Wonder what the wages are? Musa, I’ll bet they find quite a few bodies!

    • Babysitter says:

      These ships belong to “Mosvodostok” state company so their average wage should be between $1400–1800 (40000–50000 roubles), probably being at the higher end because their service is unique in the city.

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