11 Ghost Military Base

Ghost Military Base

Russia has always paid enormous attention to strengthening of its military power.  In former times
 numerous military bases with restricted access were set up along the whole territory of the country.
8 Spring at Kronotsky Nature Reserve

Spring at Kronotsky Nature Reserve

Spring is in full swing, and the bears of Kronotsky Nature Reserve leave their dens.
Rested and gained strength, they relax in the sunlight and enjoy themselves.
27 Explore the Valley of Death

Explore the Valley of Death

Myasnoy Bor is a small village in the Novgorod region. In April of 1942, there was a battle taken away many lives of Russian soldiers. Later this place got a name of the "valley of
death". Nowadays active searching works are conducted in the area. More and more remains are found daily. So let's follow a group of activists and explore this gloomy place.
14 Cannibal Fish Found

Cannibal Fish Found

Piranhas which inhabit the Amazon River basin can snap a finger off a
hand easily. But Russia has never known such a disaster until...
2 Unusual Woodcarving

Unusual Woodcarving

Alexander Penteshin is a Russian painter, restorer and woodcarver. He creates carved furniture and pictures using various styles and techniques. He sticks lime bars together leaving bark on the side
ones. It gives the impression that a picture is entirely carved out of a tree trunk. Pictures executed in this way are all unique as the traces of knots never repeat themselves...
7 The Leading Russian Aircraft Repairing Plant

The Leading Russian Aircraft Repairing Plant

Vnukovo Aviation Repair Plant No 400 (VARZ-400) is a leading Russian
center of aircraft maintenance support. Some photos from there.
10 Not A Tanky Day

Not A Tanky Day

With all this parade stuff and tons of troops marching across one event left unnoticed at
one of the post Soviet space capitals. In Kirgizia they upend the tank. Watch.
80 How Do You Like It?

How Do You Like It?

I mean the new style? You like it or what? Also what bugs can be seen? An official new-design-feedback thread. And yes, this video from Red Alert might be
on topic too. UPDATE: Thanks all for the opinions! Really helpful! Keep them coming and thanks for visiting.   And the video:
16 Flying Over Moscow

Flying Over Moscow

The late spring is probably the best season time: the sky is blue, the sun is shining and streets are green. So let's take a walk through
Moscow in one of such nice days. The following pictures are made from a model of a helicopter with a camera attached to it.
14 Back to 1945

Back to 1945

Victory Day is here again. Lets take a trip way back to those days when Russian troops marched into Berlin and made
this day be celebrated every year. We will mix the old days with the current ones and appreicate this day!

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