46 The Church of Scientology in Moscow

The Church of Scientology in Moscow

It's difficult to imagine a more inaccessible place for photographers. And there really is something to marvel at - a magnificent building, covert rituals, a beautiful atrium, secret electronic
equipment and even pink teddy bears. One amateur Moscow correspondent managed to not only get inside this closed organization, but to go out of it with a great photo report.
13 Panoramic Views Of The Moscow Metro

Panoramic Views Of The Moscow Metro

The Moscow metro celebrated its 76th anniversary on the 15th of May. In honor of this occasion we prepared some panoramic pictures of tunnels,
stations and escalators. These photos are not ordinary at all, so enjoy! (Click on the pictures to see full scale panoramic images).
Roof Off 7

11 Roof Off You Racers!

Roof Off You Racers!

One careless move could turn a Mazda into a cabriolet. Turns out this really happened to this driver on the highway. The Mazda was literally
stripped off its roof and giving it the much more sporty look of a cabriolet by a truck. Lucky enough no one was hurt during the accident.
7 The Marines Brigade 810

The Marines Brigade 810

The firing ground of the Black Sea Fleet "Opuk" is located in the Crimea and is used only by Russian armed forces. "Opuk" is universal: infantries and artilleries, seagoing ships and
aviations can practice their firing possibilities. Today we'll see one fighting training of a landing assault battalion with imitations of enemy landings and marines attacks.
32 Soviet Soldiers As Nazis Saw Them

Soviet Soldiers As Nazis Saw Them

When World War II just broke out, the Germans didn't expect at all their enemy would resist so much. Their soldiers, brave, initiative and dedicated, faced the great endurance
and incredible strength of the Russians. But not only these qualities helped the latter win the war.... Here's what German soldiers said about their enemies.
9 Hellish Cat In 4 Hours

Hellish Cat In 4 Hours

Here's what happens when Russian creative minds decide to clean up trash from the garage. Having found a steel lever resembling a
bone, one guy got a brilliant idea - to execute a sculpture of an evil male cat. 4 hours of unhurried work and voila!
5 St. Petersburg From The Roofs

St. Petersburg From The Roofs

All of us have different hobbies. The guys who made these pictures, for example, love climbing on the roofs of various public
buildings. And they don't care much it's illegal... Just look at these photos of St. Petersburg - they're amazing!
10 An Old Technological Institute In Kharkov

An Old Technological Institute In Kharkov

Recently we've seen how old Russian schools and gymnasiums looked. This technological institute was founded in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1885. During the Soviet times it eliminated
shortages of engineers. The following pictures are taken from an album dedicated to the 10th or 15th anniversary of the institute in 1900 or 1905 respectively.
13 Chernobyl Nowadays

Chernobyl Nowadays

The explosion at the Chernobyl NPP on April 26, 1986 changed the course of history and plunge the world into shock. After the accident, the residents of nearby towns and villages were evacuated, and the settlements became
abandoned. A generation later, the Chernobyl exclusion zone is still difficult to access, confusing and scary for most people but not for those who decided to return and whose life goes on no matter what...
7 Amazing Tulip Fields of the Crimea

Amazing Tulip Fields of the Crimea

Though tulips are believed to be national flowers of the Netherlands, the vastest field of
tulips in Europe and perhaps in the world is found on the territory of the Crimea.

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