5 Artworks of Dmitry Smirnov

Artworks of Dmitry Smirnov

Some works of a very talented
Russian artist, Dmitry Smirnov.
6 Where Does Sewage Flow?

Where Does Sewage Flow?

Have you ever seriously thought where water poured out into the sink or flushed into the toilet flows? And what happens to leftover food and our waste products which disappear in pipes? Even if you haven't, you've probably heard at least something of treatment facilities and maybe know that during the
cleaning process silt is obtained, which is then used for producing gas! Today we'll visit the Kuryanovsky water treatment plant in the south of Moscow and trace the way of sewage "from pipe to pipe". We'll also visit a mini thermoelectric plant running on biogas produced from silt.
9 The Second Life Of Skis

The Second Life Of Skis

Fences made of skis are the latest craze
in Russia. Look nice, don't they?
10 Colliders: What Are They For?

Colliders: What Are They For?

Even the ancient Greeks believed that substance consists of tiny particles called atoms. The word "atom" means "indivisible" in Greek. However, with the development of science, it became clear that neither an atom, nor a proton and neutron are truly elementary particles. They consist of the
smaller ones - quarks. Then neutrinos and antiprotons were discovered and now science knows about 400 different particles. To study their qualities and structures the mankind invented a very smart device - a collider. Let's look at some of them and learn how they function.
11 Pre-Dawn Moscow City

Pre-Dawn Moscow City

Enjoy the pictures of the dawn taken from the roof of the Cathedral of
Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Click to see the full size of the images.
4 New Balloon Record Set In Russia!

New Balloon Record Set In Russia!

On November 20, 2004 one Russian guy, Vitaly Kulikov, set a new world record for highest ever flight. He reached a height of 5470 m on a bunch of 800 toy balloons filled with helium. Thus, Vitaly broke the record of three years ago belonging to Ian Ashpole and included in the Guinness Book of Records. The Englishman managed to reach a height of only 3350 m. Besides,
he couldn't land his "aircraft" and had to use a parachute. Kulikov's flight was a greater success, even though it took place in really extreme conditions - a terrible blizzard struck on that day. The wind speed near the ground was more than 160 km/h. Even planes don't fly in such weather. They are simply blown away from the strip...
4 A Flaming Rose Of Your Heart

A Flaming Rose Of Your Heart

Probably all of us experienced a feeling when flames burn in a heart and shed light and warmth on nearest and dearest. To turn such emotions into right directions
you can make a gift to your sweetheart. For example, this nice medallion with a rose inside it that would hang near your boyfriend (girlfriend) heart.
16 Town Of The Future

Town Of The Future

Skolkovo is a modern Russian center of research and development the construction of which will be started in the year of 2012. Skolkovo will embrace a university campus, an industrial zone,
and a cluster of research laboratories. It will also have a vast number of various facilities needed for scientists and white collars to organize their work and life on-site. 
6 Manipulating The Weather

Manipulating The Weather

The cloud seeding technology is widely used by many countries of the world in an attempt to establish control over nature. They add silver iodide, dry ice and
liquid nitrogen to the clouds causing immediate precipitation. As a result, the rain will be over by the time the clouds reach the place of destination.
11 The Beauty Of Kazan

The Beauty Of Kazan

The Kazan Kremlin is a magnificent citadel of Tatarstan. It was built in the 16th century by the
Russian Tsar (king) Ivan the Terrible who defeated Tatar khans and became the ruler of the place.

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