18 The Russian Deck Aviation Flies High

The Russian Deck Aviation Flies High

The only difference between deck and other military aviations consists of that airplanes of a deck aviation take off from ships and land on them. Such landings are very difficult because of weather frequent changes, strong wind, therewith there are only few or not at all finding-position orientations under the water. A deck pilot must have a perfect sense of espace: a sea wouldn't forgive any
mistake. "Deckers" use special modified airplanes. The shipborne fighter SU-33 (SU-27K) was added to the Russian armoury more than 10 years ago. The airplane is single-seater, it may be refueled in the air and can surely withstand modern enemies' forces. Its takeoff is realized from a special springboard, and when the aircraft lands its hook catches a line of a road finisher.
8 Pure Absinthe Made At Home

Pure Absinthe Made At Home

Today we'll tell you how to make absinthe, the legendary drink of Van Gogh and Hemingway. Not that green substance that is sold in each nearby
alcohol shop but pure and qualitative, made of herbs. Some Russians do love it as well. Well, all the details inside the post.
11 USSR Command Center: Ready To Withstand A Nuclear Attack

USSR Command Center: Ready To Withstand A Nuclear Attack

The territory of the former USSR is abundant with lost bunkers and
command posts. Today we'll get a chance to investigate one of them.
18 Back To The Middle Ages

Back To The Middle Ages

An amazing international festival of the historical reconstruction of the Middle ages "The Battle Between Nations" was held in the Khotynskaya fortress ( the city of Khotyn, Ukraine) from the 30th of April till the 3rd of May. Central events were
fights between national teams of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Canada, Italy and Germany. Besides soldiers there were a lot of other personages who just walked on the fortress territory feigning peasants or court servants.
24 Pimp Your Moskvitch

Pimp Your Moskvitch

The Moskvitch-403 is a transition variant between the 407th and 408th. It's like a new filling in the old body. Hanging pedals, rather than a hole in the floor, a hydraulic clutch and new steering wheel! This model was produced from 1963 to 1965. In total, a
little bit more than 105 thousand cars were assembled. And here is one of those rarities that managed to live till nowadays. Its lucky owner got it from his old relative for free. He pimped his ride and now it looks absolutely stunning.
8 The Moscow Tuning Show In Crocus Expo

The Moscow Tuning Show In Crocus Expo

The Moscow Tuning Show took place in the international exhibition center "Crocus Expo". Tuned cars, motocycles and other associated goods and elements: the tuning of the
premium class, external and internal tunings, the aerography, tyres, equipments for tuning, car accessories - all these visitors could see during the exhibition.
5 Greatest Magnetic Anomaly In the World

Greatest Magnetic Anomaly In the World

A magnetic anomaly is a local variation in the Earth's magnetic field or deviations in values of a magnetic field on the surface of the earth
from the normal values. Magnetic anomalies are observed most intensively in areas where iron ores and other iron-containing rocks occur.
8 Unknown Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster

Unknown Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster

Poleski National Park was founded in 1988 on the territory of the Gomel region, Belarus. Its area is over 215 thousand ha. Over 1200 types of plants grow here which constitutes two thirds of total Belorussian
flora. The area remains under strict protection and any kind of economic activity is prohibited here providing tourists with a rare chance to see a piece of wild nature in the heart of Europe.
16 Some German Weapons of WWII Time

Some German Weapons of WWII Time

Some good pictures of the Nebelwerfer, Hanomag and not only... The German weapons the
power of which Russians had to experience at the time of the Second World War.

8 Brakes Failed…

Brakes Failed…

Emergency in the port of Odessa, Ukraine. The brakes of the Rhl Fidelitas failed and it crashed
into the coastal ship and shore proper. More pictures of the accident after the jump.

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