10 An Orphaned House

An Orphaned House

Not so many years ago this house was full of life. But after the death of its hostess, an old woman named Zina, it became abandoned. It's
really sad to look at her possessions and realize that this person will never come back here. And only photos keep memory...
10 Down to the Metros Of Two Capitals

Down to the Metros Of Two Capitals

Best masters of architecture and visual arts participated in creation of the Moscow metro using people's art work. The railway
system leads an underground life of its own awaking our interest in investigating its vastness and admiring the view.
9 Journey Through Time: Exhibition Of Communication Artifacts

Journey Through Time: Exhibition Of Communication Artifacts

The A.S.Popov Central Museum of Communication contains artifacts which demonstrate the laws of physics
and data transmission types. Being here feels like making a journey through time and space.
2 Spending Time At The North Pole

Spending Time At The North Pole

Usually people can easily differentiate between day and night. Still, there can be
exceptions. Thus, spending a night at the North Pole doesn't mean it'll be dark.
20 White Marble Turkmenistan

White Marble Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is one of the most colorful and at the same time closed to prying eyes country of the former USSR.
Today we'll visit its capital and see themselves what a beautiful city it is and how people live there.
5 News From Russian Roads, Part 34

News From Russian Roads, Part 34

Want to make very extraordinary birthday greetings? No problem, everything you
need is a large number of stickers and a truck with a very patient owner.
11 Europe Day Interrupted

Europe Day Interrupted

FEMEN interrupted the opening ceremony of Europe Day in Ukraine. Two topless activists broke through the cordon and, in front of the mayor of Kiev and European ambassadors, unfurled a banner which said "Take us to Europe" and started demanding to stop the
circus ceremony. In this way they wanted to urge the EU officials to accept Ukraine as a European state with all the attendant legal consequences. As a result, both girls have been detained by the police in not quite a European way...
7 The Moscow Polytechnical Museum

The Moscow Polytechnical Museum

The Polytechnical museum in Moscow is one of the oldest science museums in the world. It was founded in 1872, now it displays a wide array of
historical inventions and technological achievements, including humanoid automata of the 18th century and the first Soviet computers.
4 High Over Kiev

High Over Kiev

Previously people used the Great Lavra Belltower in Ukraine as the highest point to overlook the neighborhood. Klovskiy Street is famous with its skyscraper
which is now the highest building in the country. Today we'll climb the residential building to take pictures of night and pre-dawn city scenes.
12 Chasing the Police

Chasing the Police

In Soviet Russia it's all upside down. Guys on Golden BMW Suv chase the road police Mercedes making
him breaking the rules many times and risking the road security. See the video down there:

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