22 The Meeting Of Children’s Military and Patriotic Clubs

The Meeting Of Children’s Military and Patriotic Clubs

On the 1st of May the meeting of children military clubs took place in the
training base near Saint-Petersburg. Here are pictures from this event.
11 Something More About The Ekibastuz GRES-1

Something More About The Ekibastuz GRES-1

We've already touched upon the subject of the heat power stations in
Kazakhstan. Let's revisit it and get some other information.

23 This Cute Tiny Moscow

This Cute Tiny Moscow

These pictures of Moscow are taken from the 200-m tall
Federation Tower. Houses, cars, people - all looks like toys.
24 One Day In Grozny

One Day In Grozny

These photos show only a tiny part of what was happening in Grozny at the time of armed conflicts. But local people do not live in the past. They actively construct new
houses. Here and there you can see unique architectural landmarks. People communicate openly with each other, and youngsters freely walk down the streets.

Ukrainian Nuclear Arsenal

Ukraine has its own rocket forces of special purposes. But all nuclear weapons were moved from the country in 1990s and only one base was saved and soon became a museum. This is not just an exposition of rocket engines, it is the command post located
deeply under the ground. Several details of the infrastructure are still operational and real missiles didn't lose their military might. This base or museum is located in the village Pobugskoe that is famous for the iron nickel plant.
24 Wedding In A Russian Village

Wedding In A Russian Village

Russians have many ancient traditions about a wedding day. For example,  the ransom of a bride from her
parents or the meeting of a couple with bread and salt. Following pictures will say more than words.
20 The Place That Stalkers Would Love To Visit

The Place That Stalkers Would Love To Visit

The place we are going to speak about in this post is really hard to visit. It's surrounded by a fence and guarded by special men with dogs. This is the highly protected
Command Post of the Missile Division. Its building wasn't finished - the military abandoned it in 2010. And now it's being actively sawed up into pieces of metal...
33 Pripyat This March

Pripyat This March

These pictures of Pripyat are quite fresh. They were taken in March.
Abandoned, dark and depressive, this place will never be peopled again...

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