17 Amazing Polar Expedition Along The Tundra

Amazing Polar Expedition Along The Tundra

Posted on May 31, 2011 by team


Amazing sunset.

And dawn.

The crew got up at sunrise, and the day began with filling.

A familiar track. The crew is in a good mood. Soon they’ll reach the boundary of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Yakutia.

Suddenly on the left…

Approaching the herders’ camp.

Here people live in such dwellings. These are the usual trailers on the sledges with the stove inside. Transported by deer.

The host is a bit drunk but friendly.

The only means of local transport are snowmobiles and sledges.

The herd is not big. The most of part of his deer graze in the tundra. There are about a few thousand of heads there.

The journey continues. Here the crew lost the KAMAZ. At first, it lagged behind, sank in the snow and fought with bad roads. The other cars, on the contrary, moved quickly and boldly. Soon the radio connection was missed and the truck disappeared from sight.

It darkens but the track is still seen.

This is the very boundary between the regions. Administratively, it’s already the Taymyr Peninsula.

The northern lights.

A satellite dish provides the crew with the Internet. Admiring the views, they are still waiting for the KAMAZ. But it didn’t come…

About 300 km to Khatanga and no fuel left.

Morning procedures.

The mighty river of Popigay.

The ice “road” leads exactly to Khatanga.

Suddenly, the crew sees something different from the endless white space.

It’s the Ural, one of the local means of transport. It didn’t manage to reach Taymyr. These people returned to take it with themselves.

They try to dig it out of the snow.

The fuel is almost over. The last hope is Popigay village.

One of the most remote settlements of the country. Here everybody is accustomed to rely only on himself.

The locals immediately began to offer diesel fuel in exchange for vodka. Vodka is delivered here only in summer (by the river) and thus strictly controlled.

The only means of communication is the only phone in the village administration.

Diesel oil looks not so good, but there is no choice. Why is it red? Because it was specially tinted so that nobody steals it.

The Popigay becomes quite broad, and the banks – high.

In some places, snow on the ice is completely blown away and the cars go well and quickly.

But ice hummocks make the crew be careful and not speed up.

Drinking water ends. And each meal is now accompanied by such simple procedures.

Sunny and cool. About -40 º C.

A man does not feel very comfortable overboard. A small breeze makes his impressions a little bit less positive.

Ideal weather for certain optical illusions.

The chain of sledges and tractors.


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17 Responses to “Amazing Polar Expedition Along The Tundra”

  1. Mitch says:


  2. Musa says:

    That was a fascinating adventure and a wonderfully refreshing post for such a hot sticky morning as it is here today. Thank You, I greatly appreciate it guys. :)

    • Musa says:

      I would also like to say that at first when I saw there was 5 pages in this post, I was worried that it might be too much and become boring. But it’s well written so that I was looking forward to reading what was going on next and before I knew it the post had ended.

      There are many beautiful photographs to be seen in this post too. Thanks again. :)

  3. Unknown says:

    One word – AWESOME!

  4. Ostyak-Vogul says:

    Wonderfull! I want to do the same thing going from Khantia-Mansia (where I live) to Chukotka! I’ll go through Krasnoyarsk Oblast, Sakha, and Magadan Oblast! And I’ll rally Anadyrsk (from Surgut) in less than 1 month!

  5. Zonda says:

    I remain with no superlative… all was used by my ante-writters…
    With this occasion I’ve bring up in my mind a fraze from my childhood. My father use to threat me “If you are bad, I will send you to Katanga”… I never know where it is till now.

  6. Tamryn says:

    Stunning pictures. Very well done! Thank you :)

  7. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    Amazing! I would do anything to be able to do something like this

  8. Filipe Portugal says:

    No words. You live MY dream.

  9. ddr says:

    i want bear grills to go there and try to bath in that river =)

  10. Dinno says:

    Wow! From the looks of it… It’s quite an adventure… long drives, seeing new places.. gotta save up now to be enjoy these!

  11. ytr says:

    Totally Awesome Pics !!!!!
    Would love to see more pics of the great north

  12. JustWow says:

    Beautiful. Thanks.

  13. Brünn says:


  14. Amazing tundra photos. So vast and open. I wish I could have been there to experience the arctic air myself

  15. JEss says:

    Wicked pictures. For more tundra info checkout this page arctic tundra animals.

  16. kleenex-happies says:

    Wooow! Respect for this amazing trip and thank you for this great rar Pictures! Greetings from Germany!

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