11 Dwelling House of Officers

Dwelling House of Officers

Posted on May 30, 2011 by kulichik

Every nation is proud of its soldiers and officers. But not every nation is willing to increase their quality of life.

The military unit 25840 is located just 25 km away form the Moscow Kremlin. A mission control centre from where the flights of the first earth-satellite vehicles were observed used to be dislocated here. In 1960 the control centre was transferred into another building and the institution mentioned started dealing with orders related to missile establishments. In 1990 it was deprived of the status of a closed military garrison; soldiers used empty rooms of the institute for living. The conditions under which many officers have to live are extremely terrible.

Family hostel is located on the territory of a former printing-office.

In the hostel corridor it is easy to lose oneself in the web of water-distribution pipes and wires.

Due to network congestion the electricity is switched off periodically.

A printing-office didn’t require any water-distribution pipes. When it was transformed into a living space, there was a need in fire hydrants. The sewage pipe stretches from the toilet to the first floor.

The room is finally abandoned as the family that used to live here moved to a flat of their own.

Kitchens are located inside the rooms.

Electric wires.


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11 Responses to “Dwelling House of Officers”

  1. Otis R. Needleman says:

    What a shame. As a retired American officer, I don’t know of any American officers, of any rank, that live in conditions like these poor officers and their families. These Russian officers are serving their country and are willing to give their lives in its defense, and this is the best the Russian military can do for them? Disgusting.

  2. Musa says:

    I can imagine the housing off base is very expensive since it’s in the Moscow region. Why are there no photos of the inside of apartments where people are currently living? I see they are going to remodel the bathroom of the one apartment shown. There is probably a lot more to this story than what’s been said in this post. Maybe they are saving the hallway to remodel last it is the least important as far as cosmetics go. There are abandon military buildings in the United States too housing and other buildings both. It happens.

    • testicules says:

      None of our military live in such squalor. I have been to dozens of bases from all the services. The least modern are the Marine Corp bases and even they have golf courses, gyms, shopping, and quality housing. Russia should be ashamed.

  3. DouglasUrantia says:

    what a nightmare…………..

  4. Cro says:

    OMG – if this is for officers, where do soldiers live? In trenches?

  5. bdjournal says:

    military people deserve a better life as they serve their life for the country.

  6. George Johnson says:

    Future America under obama the lawless and democrat control. Sad.

    • testicules says:

      C’mon George. He is out in the next election. Keep the faith brother

    • Philip Hades says:

      Except it was W Bush who tried to cut soldiers salary, benefits, death benefits (to spouses) and hazard pay all during war time. But hey, lets not have facts coloring our comments.

  7. Vovan says:

    its not that bad. Though it was some time ago. But last 2 years i see real changes for the better. And u cant really compare USA and Russia, which now restoring from the breakdown of different system that was in USSR. It takes some time…

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