14 Russian Frontier Guards Celebrate Their Day

Russian Frontier Guards Celebrate Their Day

Posted on May 30, 2011 by team

On the 28th of May Russian frontier guards traditionally celebrate their holiday. On this occasion soldiers and officers, former or not, jump into fountains, dance, sing military songs, generally speaking they enjoy themselves in a civilized manner…but not always. Let’s see how this holiday passed in the Russian capital.

This year people were few and rather sober, that is quite strange.

Frontier guards brought spirits and other alcohol drinks on them, as sales of spirits, especially in glass bottles, were forbidden.


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14 Responses to “Russian Frontier Guards Celebrate Their Day”

  1. kater says:

    Typical Soviet cavemen. Russian soldiers will never change. Always drunk, disorderly, a menace to everyone around. Same in WWII when they were “liberating” other states, altho nobody wanted them to. My grandpa used to say that Russian liberators were much more dangerous and mean than German aggressors. Always drunk, always stealing and robbing, raping women, destroying everything.
    Same thing today. A disgrace to a uniform, that’s what you are, you drunk cavemen.

  2. zjoske says:

    I always thought their only pleasure is harrassing tourists at sheremetevo

  3. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    “Nowhere without scuffles!” :-)

  4. JZ says:

    Nice to see they having fun :D

  5. historian says:


    then your grandpa used to belong to one of the baltic SS Divisions.

    some examples:

    But all jews, roma and sinti and other minorities are thankfull to the red army, for saving their live.

  6. Musa says:

    Is the man in the top picuture (holding a flag in a fountain) crying? He looks like he is but I hope not.

  7. uhhh says:

    They’re all fat.

    • Basement Cat says:

      No, they’re not.

      Why are so many people hatin’ on the Russians all the time? Anti-Slav bigotry? Still fighting the Cold War? Pravoslavophobia? What gives?

  8. Cro says:

    My favorite is drunk guy with flowers and cigare.. respect

  9. testicules says:

    They’re still using the old hammer and sickle huh? Nice to see the soviet legacy carry on. Drunken fools.

  10. former_russian says:

    I hope they get drunk to death

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