5 One of the Most Ancient Cave Towns of Georgia

One of the Most Ancient Cave Towns of Georgia

Posted on May 30, 2011 by team

Uplistsikhe is an ancient cave town located in eastern Georgia. In 2003 it was in quite a poor condition – the old road was all in pits and ruts, and even though the entrance was free, there were barely any visitors. Not long time ago it was renovated. Cafes and toilets were built there, the road was restored and admission became 3 GEL (slightly more than 50 rubles – $ 1.7). Let’s take a tour over this ancient place.

The view on Uplistsikhe from the Kura river.

New infrastructure.


5 Responses to “One of the Most Ancient Cave Towns of Georgia”

  1. Musa says:

    It’s a very beautiful place.

  2. mukmika says:

    Very interesting, would like to visit here.

  3. da2na The Georgian says:

    yeah My country really stunningly beautyfull, may be thats why Russians want to invade it! unfortunateli we – Georgians do not own any information about our teritories in abkhazia! there are more beautyfull Georgian churchies and more beautyfull wievs! I hope I’ll be able to visit Abkhazia as the part of my country!

  4. studmuffin says:

    yes very interesting how long ago was it built, and how, i mean that is all stone you know.

  5. kaifeng says:

    really like to visit someday this place,so nice landscape and caves. thanks for your introducing.

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