19 An Alternative Place To Live In

An Alternative Place To Live In

Posted on May 26, 2011 by team

How could you imagine that in the center of a capital residential district in Ukraine one would see this…

The documentary film “The Hole” was shot here, and people named this place “the hole” without thinking twice.

The director of the first film part is a Czech Jiří Stejskal. The film was shown at many festivals, won different awards and besides several European televisions bought rights for showing the film on their channels.

People really live in the hole with the depth of several metres.

A connection with “the big land” (with the rest of the town).

Previously there was the village Poznyaky here.

Living conditions here, of course, are far from being acceptable.

No place for parking.

Owners of neighbouring multistory houses suffer from unpleasant smell too.

This area looks like a separate independent state. Hens, rabbits, goats, pigs…


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19 Responses to “An Alternative Place To Live In”

  1. testicules says:

    Ukraine or Guatemala? Who can tell the difference?

  2. Tody says:

    Sad to see people living in such misery in Europe in 2011. Does anybody know where I can find this documentary?

  3. Zazaza says:

    I think if they wanted the could afford a flat in one of those buildings… Are they stubborn? Anyway mow that s*it down. I hate those countryside rubbish made houses…

  4. boris says:

    europe?? no way is Ukraine where the ukraine woman are not for sale they are for FREE!!

  5. George Johnson says:

    Who says it’s “misery”? It may be compared to you. This person obviously likes living there or they’d sell out and move off the land.

    This is an example of what I call my “Hunting Dog” theory.

    This may be all this person knows, they don’t know they “should be happier” living in one of those high rises you see in the back ground. Just like a hunting dog that grew up in a very small kennel doesn’t know it should be happier living inside the house with lots of toys and food.

    All it knows from day one, is that kennel, and going out hunting once in a while. That dog is as happy as it can be, because that’s all it knows.

    Now, take my dog, a Fox Hound, still a hunting dog. But raised inside, spoiled rotten with toys and snacks. It’s also as happy as can be.

    But, take my spoiled dog, and put it in that kennel for the rest of it’s life, and it’s going to be “miserable” as you say.

    Because what it has known, has now changed. But take that kennel bred hunting dog and bring it inside, it’ll be a little bit happier. Lazier for sure. But not that much happier, because it was already happy.

    So happiness is relative. And it’s based on what you were raised with. It also explains why some people are “happy” being homeless or living on welfare, just getting by.

    So don’t go forcing your “happiness” on people that may not need it. You want to feel better by helping somebody? Fine, go find somebody that is asking for it. Don’t force your lifestyle on somebody that may not want it.

    This person looks perfectly happy to me. Could they be happier? Probably, but it looks like to me, they’d rather not ask for anything. Don’t you see that kids play area?

    Misery…. Misery is living with people like you.

  6. boris says:

    seems like the government dont care about the city health, how come can these people live in such condition? close to this residential area? in the middle of the city??

  7. Scrat says:

    What’s wrong with it? It’s called freedom, like it or not. No doubt the woman sells her live stock. If the people in the apartments don’t like the looks maybe they can pitch in a few Hyvernia each and rebuild the houses for the woman.

  8. ras_Orion says:

    I know the same place in Moscow!!

  9. J Weich says:

    I think it’s great. Very refreshing to see that in a city. There should be more farms in cities, perhaps one in every housing development instead of boring, manicured parks. People in those awful concrete housing blocks could volunteer to help, and if so they’d probably be a lot happier and healthier, too!

  10. opticalsound says:

    Weeeeeell, doggies!

  11. Cindy says:

    The residents probably have little, if any debt and don’t worry about losing their jobs. A big house and more stuff doesn’t equal freedom or happiness-in fact, it can make you miserable… Now, maybe they should live farther from the city, cities are dirtier than the country. There is a difference between plain old country dirt and the trash in cities.

  12. marxistworker says:


  13. cockatrice says:

    Sections of the US will soon look like this if the economic collapse continues. Everyone there is probably debt free and knows where a good portion of their food will come from, instead of living homeless in their cars. We have whole subdivisions of empty foreclosure housing that needs this treatment. Our local governments are mostly bankrupt and soon won’t be able to do anything about it.

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