6 Construction of The Krasnoyarsk Subway

Construction of The Krasnoyarsk Subway

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The fact that Krasnoyarsk  has a subway or rather is under construction is not known to many. The project is underway and it is predicted to start operation in 2012 with 3 stations. The project is meant to have 3 lines and over 30 stations. The construction began way back in 1993, but due to lack of funds it was stalled. Currently, the construction has resumed and work is at full swing to meet the 2012 deadline.

This is how everything is at the moment.

The need for a subway at the growing city of Krasnoyarsk was put up in the 60s.  But the master plan came out in the 70s. In 1983-84, the decision was made and the transport scheme was created. Feasibility studies for the Krasnoyarsk subway were conducted but were halted in 1989. Design work was resumed during the Post-Soviet Russia in 1993 and by 1994, the technical project of the first phase of the first line was evaluated and approved by the State Construction Comittee of Russia.

Preparatory and capital drilling works began in 1994. Direct construction – “when the first bucket of earth was pulled out” – began on October 17th, 1995. At the “Revolution Square” station work began on January 30, 1996. By 2003 , the trunk had passed the desinged depth of 71.2 m. On the surface, temporary structures and equipment necessary for the work  had been put up. On the site, drilling and tunneling was done for the construction of a “pumping chamber” and a bypass tunnel.


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  1. testicules says:

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buid an above ground system?

    • Dalenbourg says:

      It would be but for future expansion it is probably better to keep transit undergound and out of sight. It’s what they are trying to do where I live, and people seem to agree on it!

  2. jebacRuskinja says:


  3. Siberian says:

    Are you kidding me?! I live in Krasnoyarsk! Two future stations in the center of the city have been already closed this year! Lack of funds?! There are a lot of oil and gas here! And there are almost no any good roads! And traffic jams every day! And petrol is 80 cent a litre!

  4. Red says:

    what a nice photo

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