9 Journey Through Time: Exhibition Of Communication Artifacts

Journey Through Time: Exhibition Of Communication Artifacts

Posted on May 24, 2011 by kulichik

The A.S.Popov Central Museum of Communication contains artifacts which demonstrate the laws of physics and data transmission types. Being here feels like making a journey through time and space.

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That's how they delivered mail in old times.


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9 Responses to “Journey Through Time: Exhibition Of Communication Artifacts”

  1. OLUT says:

    Cool old electronics. I like seeing all the Nokia products.

  2. Pantuflo says:


  3. testicules says:

    This exhibit made one big mistake. Their display with the gun and the hundred dollar bills in not accurate. Those are the new 100’s. The should have used the old ones with the smaller Benjamin Franklin head.

  4. George Johnson says:

    I think a lot of people do not appreciate just how far we have come with electronic communication/devices.

    It wasn’t that long ago, WWII that planes had to send messages back to base using Morse Code. That’s all spies could use.

    To go from a Morse Code key set to a cell phone with type writer key pad is pretty incredible. Those phones have more computing power than the whole computer the Saturn V rocket used.

  5. marxistworker says:

    There should also be a model of RNA/DNA. The first communication on the Earth was information transmission of proteins inside organic molecules. Long before humans, the Earth was buzzing with communication. They could have put it at the entrance of the museum…

  6. opticalsound says:

    “Soviet Times” pic: Deep Purple?! Well, I guess they did communicate (rather forcefully?)… But wasn’t one of their songs “Hush?” ;-)

  7. realproduman says:

    Russian technology the most advanced in the world! This is not a secret.

  8. Frank says:


    are not cellular phones, those are 2-way radios made by GE/Ericsson (later became M/A-Com and now finally Harris)… first one in an IPE EDACS radio, then DPE EDACS radio with a limited keypad, LPE EDACS full keypad radio (first ProVoice Digital Radio), M-RK Model 1 EDACS radio (no front keypad/display), and last is a Maxon of some kind… all the EDACS look like 800MHz radios

  9. Steamed McQueen says:

    Nice, but the better Popov museum is in Kronshchdat. It is there you can see his patent for radio that was issued some time before Marconi’s patent.

    Living in Russia taught many things, principal among them is that a lot of the ‘firsts’ we were taught about in school were in fact not true.

    Russia had quite a few ‘firsts’, it would appear

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