18 The Russian Deck Aviation Flies High

The Russian Deck Aviation Flies High

Posted on May 22, 2011 by team

The only difference between deck and other military aviations consists of that airplanes of a deck aviation take off from ships and land on them. Such landings are very difficult because of weather frequent changes, strong wind, therewith there are only few or not at all finding-position orientations under the water. A deck pilot must have a perfect sense of espace: a sea wouldn’t forgive any mistake. “Deckers” use special modified airplanes. The shipborne fighter SU-33 (SU-27K) was added to the Russian armoury more than 10 years ago. The airplane is single-seater, it may be refueled in the air and can surely withstand modern enemies’ forces. Its takeoff is realized from a special springboard, and when the aircraft lands its hook catches a line of a road finisher.

Besides great moral workloads, pilots suffer enormous physical loads. An air battle on a modern fighter allows to feel the load of 6-7 points. But, as to pilots, the most fatiguing thing in their work is the long and scrupulous process of landing on a ship. The following reporting is about pilots of the naval aviation who drive their fighting engines skilfully.


Usually the morning of the garrison Severomorsk-3 begins from a little conference with instructions before flights. The whole event took 15 minutes. Commanders reported on fighting trim, communication facilities are alright, medical and rescue services are also ready to work. Weather scouts said about the situation in flight zones: the sky is cloudness, the vivsibility is perfect. The only thing to consider-seasonal migrations of birds. A meeting with a bird in the air will not be pleasant.

Officers’ cockades differ. This is, for example, an old Soviet one. It is called “crab” and may be embroidered with gold threads.

A weather forecaster reports meteoconditions.

The military school in Krasnodar is the only one place in Russia that trains naval pilots. Students learn to land and take off aircrafts, and to fight in the air.

Pilots make necessary notes in such pads.

The main navigator reports the schedule of flights, weather conditions and the territory length. Everybody synchronized the watches.

Models of planes serve for visual demonstrations of flight elements or figures.


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18 Responses to “The Russian Deck Aviation Flies High”

  1. D. Bunker says:

    Some of these pilots look old enough to have been in the Great Patriotic War.

    • testicules says:

      Very different from the American pilot. When you see American pilots they are very young and fit. Usually older pilots are riding a desk somewhere. They still get there hours in to keep their wings, but they are not front line anymore. Aircombat is a young mans game. You have to be an Athlete to keep up with the strains.

      • Chac Mool says:

        It’s a training facility, not a combat outpost. I can only suppose that the old pilots are the trainers. You can see some young trainees paying attention.

    • arkhangelsk says:

      Well, Russia is coming out of a real slump in military training. it should get better slowly as the normal flow of money is resumed.

  2. Zonda says:

    This photos are from the winter time… Was till now under checking for publish authorization :)?

  3. geo says:

    These guys are too old for this.

  4. Eizo says:

    everything looks good, except that picture with that ugly door and a nasty wiring job.. doh!

  5. zjoske says:

    sure would like to play that simulator

    • arkhangelsk says:

      Which one? If it is the single panel one in the top picture, they might as well go play LOMAC. But at least they do have a full simulator.

  6. CZenda says:

    This place is dead and buried because of “moderation”. Whoever is responsible for this development should wake up. The (somewhat insane) discussions were the only reason to visit. Without them, it is useless to come.

  7. kbr says:

    Looks good…

  8. Boritz says:

    Does Russian Naval Aviation aircrafts have special sized cockpits to accommodate the oversized girth of the senior pilots?

  9. moo says:

    Su-33’s are so sexy

  10. Spacesaver says:

    The best photo essay on Russian Naval Airpower to date!!:) The first video clip was the best on any major airpowers naval ops I have ever seen. Thankyou!!

  11. alessio says:

    Wish we had a dozen of Su 35 in Italy
    That would shudd up some annoying countries like Great Brittain and Germany
    a dozen of Su 35 with carbon/kevlar parts of Italians aliena would make an industructible plane.

    Way better than the F35’s we have in service in Italy, they look so bulky
    The Su 35 looks more muscular way better than almost any plane there is today

    Thanks for the pictures, they are awesome!!!!

    • zak says:

      You have F-35, that is amazing because the plane has not left the production plant yet, still only prototypes are flying. Italy have AV8 Harrier2s, which is an excellent plane although it is 30years old now.

  12. alessio says:

    and yes sorry that I said “in service” it should have been “in order” and yes GB is annoying us, it forced us in the war against libya because GB and france were almost out of bombs to drop

    and you are right, the panavia or better known as tornado still are doing great. even they are almost antique

  13. Chac Mool says:

    That plane is fantastic. Great pics, thanks,

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