11 USSR Command Center: Ready To Withstand A Nuclear Attack

USSR Command Center: Ready To Withstand A Nuclear Attack

Posted on May 21, 2011 by kulichik

The territory of the former USSR is abundant with lost bunkers and command posts. Today we’ll get a chance to investigate one of them.

A unified command center is a metal 12-stage container with the length of 33 m, diameter 3.3 m and weight of 125 tonnes. It is mounted in a regular missile pit with the help of the shock absorption system. Every stage is a round room which holds equipment and appliances. The rooms can fulfill special designed functions in any environment. Thus, the null stage which is located outside the container or, to be exact, on its upper external part, embraces a power supply system. The 1st and 2nd stages are equipped with diesel-electric sets, the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th stages hold communication equipment, automatic control system, electric power supply system and missile launch system. The command center is located on the 11th stage. The last or 12th stage contains a resting room for duty staff.

Perimeter System is an automatic control system of massive nuclear attack constructed in the USSR. It is designed to be used in case of emergency when communication lines are damaged.
It guarantees that combat orders reach separate command posts and aircraft rocket launchers.

Looking at the regular scenery one can never imagine that a command center is located here deep inside the earth.

A metal hatch hides a wooden one under it.

Military barrack.


Bomb shelter.

“Installation date”, “Replacement date”


The corridor is inhabited by butterflies.

The corridor is inundated.

Command post.

The command center can survive a nuclear attack.

Duty soldiers and officers can stay inside the center for a month.

“Oil filling”, “water filling”, “oil and fuel drainage”.

Diesel-electric sets on the 1st and 2nd stages. “Compressed air”


3rd stage.

The room has no equipment inside.

Article #…, ft draw


Capsule interior.


“Stage 6”

Power-switching circuit.


There used to be an elevator.

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11 responses to “USSR Command Center: Ready To Withstand A Nuclear Attack”

  1. Musa says:

    Whenever I see photos of these old underground facilities with rusted metal parts from the moisture inside, I wonder what the air quality is like and the nasty stuff that could be floating around for anyone who enters to breathe.

    • Papa Karlo says:

      People outside of North America and Europe don’t care too much about this stuff. Nobody’s heard of danger of asbestos, for example, until recently. I worked with asbestos occasionally, and nothing happened to me (or anybody I know). People there care even less about mold, air quality, etc. Air in Moscow even today smells like if somebody put a school bus in your living room.

  2. FührerBunker.AT says:

    F. Bunker here.
    FÖRST, i have already seen pics of this place, but nice anyway….

  3. ZeroDrop says:

    This one is dilapidated and almost destroyed. One was preserved intact and became a museum, at last.

  4. Sliclnick says:

    this is a repost, I’ve seen this here on englishrussia before!

  5. MadYank says:

    It may well be able to withstand a nuclear attack but I bet a small group of bankers would destroy it in less than 5 minutes.

  6. Unknown says:


  7. Kent_Diego says:

    Seems to be a popular place to photograph. I wonder how long it will take to fill with water and collapse?

  8. EnglishBob says:

    This is a repost isn’t it?

  9. zjoske says:

    I think I had a deja-vu?

  10. Marked One says:

    Makes me want to play Stalker.

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