5 Greatest Magnetic Anomaly In the World

Greatest Magnetic Anomaly In the World

Posted on May 20, 2011 by kulichik

A magnetic anomaly is a local variation in the Earth’s magnetic field or deviations in values of a magnetic field on the surface of the earth from the normal values. Magnetic anomalies are observed most intensively in areas where iron ores and other iron-containing rocks occur.

The Kursk Magnetic Anomaly is the vastest territory rich in iron ore in the world. It is situated within the Kursk, Belgorod and Orlov Regions. Nowadays about 30 billion tonnes of natural resources are developed and billions of tonnes are left untouched. The Mikhailovsk deposit is one of the major iron ore mines located near Zheleznogorsk, 100 km NW of Kursk. The population of Zheleznogorsk is over 100 thousand people, 30% of them work at the deposit. The deposit occupies the second place in Russia by volume of iron ore raw material production. In 2005 it produced 18.3% of payable iron ore and 24% of iron-ore pellets in Russia. The main consumers of the material produced by the deposit are represented by the countries of Eastern Europe.

Iron ores of the Mikhailovsk deposit are developed at 3 open-pit mines, the total extension of which equals to 6 km with the width being equal to 4 km. The development was launched in 1960. In short, the following working cycle is predetermined. Iron ores are freed from the sedimentary cover with the help of walking excavators. The initial stage is followed by a well drilling stage which is done by explosion. Drill cuttings undergo a series of explosions. The exploded ore is taken first to the warehouse and later is loaded onto a train. After that the ore reaches a mining and processing enterprise for subsequent development and production of iron pellets which are delivered to mining and processing enterprises.


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    Magnetic Mountain (of the 21st Century).

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