4 A Flaming Rose Of Your Heart

A Flaming Rose Of Your Heart

Posted on May 18, 2011 by team

Probably all of us experienced a feeling when flames burn in a heart and shed light and warmth on nearest and dearest. To turn such emotions into right directions you can make a gift to your sweetheart. For example, this nice medallion with a rose inside it that would hang near your boyfriend (girlfriend) heart.

Necessary things: some solar and moon metals, ebony, emeral powder, nacre and a coral.

Firstly go markings and drilling.

A microscope would be useful.


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4 Responses to “A Flaming Rose Of Your Heart”

  1. zjoske says:

    nice, real nice

  2. xoxo says:

    i was expecting actual flame. i was hoping it would light on fire lol

  3. jose says:

    easy to do

  4. cockatrice says:

    Very pretty.

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