80 How Do You Like It?

How Do You Like It?

Posted on May 13, 2011 by

I mean the new style? You like it or what? Also what bugs can be seen?

An official new-design-feedback thread.

And yes, this video from Red Alert might be on topic too.

UPDATE: Thanks all for the opinions! Really helpful! Keep them coming and thanks for visiting.


And the video:



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80 Responses to “How Do You Like It?”

  1. Dee Ann says:

    Love it! Very cool… :-)

  2. moo says:

    The biggest problem with old system was the comments. Sometimes you couldn’t post a comment because it would timeout allot. Also sometimes the comments wouldn’t show up. So if you fixed that then its all good. Soviet Russia theme is ok. :)

  3. Fadi says:

    This new style is awful, looks like a site about the war or the Communist Party. Also not clear where the headlines. The previous design was much better…

  4. Kaos says:

    Yeah i like it..

  5. Kent_Diego says:

    Big improvement. Love it.

  6. Jim from Florida says:

    Our two proud nations should allways be friends and not at War. Love your site, its like Traveling abroad. I would love to visit one day.

  7. Comrade STALIN — Approves!

  8. TheGenuineDon says:


  9. DreamsKeeper says:

    reminds me of the Red Alert !

  10. james says:

    its awful !!! i hate it , please bring back the old site !!!!

  11. zayats says:

    Not very web 2.0, has 90’s feel to it. Posts seem cluttered, and a lot of stuff is distracting not only from the content but from the ads as well. Who did you pay to design this anyway?

  12. Gordsky says:

    Love it, love it, love it! The retro Soviet era header is a nice touch.

  13. Steveo says:

    GREAT SITE as always, just gotta get used to it

  14. Steveo says:

    What I meant by my last comment was I gotta get used to the Layout of this new site

  15. opticalsound says:

    Comrades! Let’s march! (Into a better future)

  16. Stoneman says:

    Preeee-viat colleague!

    It is red.
    It is Russian.
    Not bad.

  17. VictorF says:

    I like it lots. I have enjoyed this site. keep it up

  18. Matlok says:

    looks good. This is my favorite site, keep up the good work! I just want to lend my support to all the thoughts of Peace and Good Will between the West and former Soviet block nations. We need each other in this uncertain world.

  19. jiveturkey says:

    Looks Fantastic!

  20. jiveturkey says:

    I liked the old style too, but a fresh new look and social media presence is great.

  21. petrohof says:

    format is ok, but page is now too wide for my browser (IE8) to display all of it. also please remember we do not read russian, so giving a good translation of what it may say in pictures in always needed.

  22. (r)evolutionist says:

    I like it. And I like your FB profile image of Marx, Engels, and Lenin.

  23. Masha says:

    Love it

  24. Rob says:

    I like it. Looks nice.

  25. grizzly_beer says:

    What I really liked about this site before was that the pictures took up the entire screens width, they were really big and vivid, now the massive sidebar has the pictures (the sites actual content) squished up small, can you make the sidebar as small as possible and make the pictures big again!?

  26. Domo says:

    Yes, the header font is an absolute WIN!

  27. Jim-Bob says:

    I love it! The use of Constructivist elements like the font really play well off of the communist symbols like the hammer and sickle. However, I do tend to think that it is not as fitting for the Russia of today which is no longer communist. It still is part of the history, but the modern nature of the country should be represented with the Russian flag as part of the header as well. After all, the USSR has been dead for 20 years now and no longer represents the independent countries that once comprised it.

  28. banditrider says:

    I prefer the old format but I’ll get used to it, and it’s the articles that count anyway. Keep them coming.
    I know I am being picky, but there’s a spelling mistake in your copyright notice. It should be “through” and not “trough” or “thru”.

  29. Serge Leroy says:

    Bravo pour le nouveau design de votre site et Bravo en général pour les très interessantes photos sur la Russie et l’URSS.

  30. Sergey says:

    Tovarish! Let’s drink vodka with bear, and then we’ll go to the Red Square to play with balalaika! If you don’t want to join me, you’ll go to Gulag immediately!!

  31. OLUT says:

    I think it looks great! The comments section I really like, it’s so much easier to read the replies.

    There is one glitch I’m having… the Copyright notice on each side of your ENGLISH RUSSIA graphic have the returns built-in. I specify my own fonts, and they are wider than what you use, so the lines break, and they run over the things below.

    It looks like this:
    Copyright © 2011 English
    Russia All the materials on
    site are submitted by the
    ers trough feedback form
    acqulred thru the open

    (Also, it should be THROUGH instead of TROUGH; and acquired, not acqulred)

  32. OLUT says:

    That didn’t work. What I posted above, doesn’t show what I’m talking about.

    It’s like this:
    Copyright 2011 English
    Russia All the materials on
    site are submitted by the
    ers through feedback form

  33. OLUT says:

    Finally! This third time worked. This accurately shows how the copyright notice at the top of the page looks when you specify your own fonts… if your fonts are too big. I hope that makes sense.

  34. J Doe says:

    The new design looks good. These are the issues I’ve noticed:
    1. Average page size is large 50-75KB.
    2. Front page badly separates one post from the next. The line with post tags below comment counter has to be shorter than the post–.png. Otherwise posts run into each other.
    3. Colors of the thumbs up/down icons and the comment header do not match the rest of site color palette. And what’s up with green Submit Comment button?
    4. Comment box can be taller ;)

  35. olz says:

    i’m feel the soviet might ;)

  36. Lord Necron says:

    First, as many of you, I have the feel that I ended in another webpage, but after looking it for a few days, I have a conclusion:

    This design is obviously “soviet” style, and it’s ok if you want to remember the soviet times, but does not identify you with modern Russia.

  37. andoc says:

    Looks great, I really like it:)

  38. glonas_etater says:

    it would be much better comrade if the post titles went above the pictures ….not below.

  39. Bob says:

    I’m also a fan of the redesign, nice colors and fonts, but there are some things I’d like improved…
    *The title is a bit small

    ***and I REALLY don’t need the “other interesting articles in RSS” if I get ALL your articles in my RSS reader, if I’m interested, I’ll come here for the full text and HERE I should see links to “similar articles”.

    In the RSS they take up MORE space than the article intro itself! (I could understand if it were advertising, but its just more links to THIS site!)

    I Also agree totally with J Doe above!

  40. Valiant says:

    Excellent design but J Doe says the changes needed.

  41. domkle says:

    Doesn’t work well with my Firefox 4.0.1. the yellow header menus overlap over the first content frame.

    And Russia today is somewhat about what the USSR was but, happily not only and hopefully, less and less. Not sure that hammer, sickle and red star are such a good idea. If you want to be retro, put the bicephal eagle ;) ! Or both with an artsy transition LOL…

  42. moneywagon says:

    As long as the quality of the pictures doesn’t change it will always be one of my favorite sites on the net.

  43. Jewels Vern says:

    Very nice! Except for the two columns under the picture. That is confusing. Please only one column.

  44. Musa says:

    Like I said in another post (but I don’t know if you read it), I love the new design, it’s classic. I believe it fits EnglishRussia perfectly. Thank You for all your hard work.


  45. Stalker31 says:

    It’s awesome!

  46. DouglasUrantia says:

    Maybe add a modern Russian flag or symbol to the header. Overall, I like it!!!!

  47. elisha says:

    dont like the two columns, makes it much harder to read. also content is too far to the left. still love the content though :)

  48. Adolfo Camara says:

    Kind of miss the old format. I think E R should lose the hammer and sickle image.

  49. Jeevus says:

    Loving the new redesign. I’m seeing some kinks that need to be worked out here and there.

    I’m using Firfeox 3.16.17 under Windows currently. One thing I notice is text overlapping. With the text, “Well-loved. Like or Dislike:”, the text “Dislike:” overlaps “reply”.

    Thanks again Englishrussia, still my favorite website.

  50. Jeevus says:

    Looks like it was fixed while I was writing the comment? Thanks again!

  51. Alan says:

    For the most part, it’s a nice redesign that reflects the focus of the site. But I don’t like the blocky title font, even though it looks Soviet. Decorative fonts like that are good for posters with just three or four words. Any more text than that and the graphic image gets in the way of the content. Please bring back a more conventional font; usability should take precedence over image.

  52. Norvegr says:

    I like the new style very much. Only thing I’d change is the two-column description for the posts, makes it harder to read in my opinion.

  53. SSSR says:

    This site has a nice professional look to it now.I think that some people could still get comfused about this site because it is still necessary to click on the (about) button for the info about this site being about Russia and its former Soviet lands.When I found this site back in 07 or 08 that info was on the main page.

  54. SSSR says:

    And is it necessary for every comment to await moderation?

  55. Bruski says:

    Although I’ve been reading this site for years, I’ve never left a comment before, but I feel compelled to do so now. This format change is incredibly awesome and great. I hated the old site, and only kept coming back because of the interesting and varied content and wonderful photography, but now when I see an interesting headline in Google reader I will gladly click over to this new and improved site, rather than dreading the old kludgy site that used to spam popups and have terrible design.

  56. Bill N says:

    Although the concept is good,I don’t really care for the new header. It really needs some refinement. It is far too busy and I can’t believe the number of different fonts that were used. Also there is spelling error in copyright notice which is repeated twice for some reason.(should be through, not trough). Mixing serif and sans serif fonts always looks amateurish as does the three different colors used for text.(yellow for most of the text, brown for the RSS, twiter and facebook numbers and white in the menu bar on the bottom) Please note that these are meant to be constructive criticisms and I am not just trying to trash your work.

  57. adolf says:

    the old one was much more transparent. the change was not neccessary.

  58. linus says:


  59. vlionix says:

    It looks like you are very much pro-Soviet. It is a bit prettier though.

  60. Dag OT says:

    Of course, people will prefer the old design – that’s inevitable. The new look is, uniquely, more modern whilst incorporating some of the kitsch and feel of the old Soviet design. A major plus is the removal of the incredibly frustrating pop-under that plagued the old website design – after browsing the site for a while, one usually built up an arsenal of some 20-30 identical windows behind the main browser window.

    I must agree with Bill N, though – there are too many different fonts in the header. One or possibly two is enough.

  61. Ivan Ivanov says:

    Like Others, If the comments section works then WIN Looks more Russian than before. Down side if there is any….

  62. Toby Esterhase says:

    Overall, I like the design very well. I think Soviet / Soviet Propaganda design is kind of cool. The main change I would like to see is if the titles were at the top of the story, not centered below the main picture. Also, it might be nice to see the post summary above the picture if you’re going to have such large pictures. Otherwise I would suggest scaling the images down a bit and leaving the summary below the image. Otherwise, it’s cool.

  63. millzey says:

    The new look suits English Russia, but the web layout is static, in which means people have to scroll left / right on a small monitor (like netbooks), and will have a large empty spaces left and right of the main area of the page on large monitors (wider than 1280 pixels).
    a recommendation would be that the background should be adaptive to fit different window sizes, (to make the page look neater), and for a possibility to shrink the right “social feeds” area, and make it an expandable panel, which can make the page seam less cluttered and more screen size friendly

  64. Max says:

    This is a great website..
    I love to update, however suggestions:
    – Lose the columns, makes it less instinctive to read
    – Make graphics small, will compromise to traditional feel.
    – Top banner should be below your ER banner. It would look better and actually mean more Ad hits I reckon.

    My fav website.. gotta vist Russia big time.. you aught to do tour guides :-)

  65. mukmika says:

    I feel somewhat ambivalent regarding the changes, but this is still one of the best blogs on the internet.It’s good to see so many sensible comments.

  66. daniel says:

    nope, sorry. looks like you just picked a standard template from wordpress.org

  67. Josep says:

    Wonderful !!

  68. Tokala says:

    It looks great! A huge improvement.
    Keep up the great job.

  69. sidnei0240 says:

    great design, like old times

  70. zjoske says:

    I need to get used to it but it is ok

  71. popalumi says:

    Am ascultat cintecul de multe ori.
    Din poza URSS am inteles ca, s-a dorit si se doreste pacea lumii si ca,vulturul razboiului american vrea sa ucida porumbelul pacii. Ursul rusesc sta la pinda si are grija de salvarea porumbelului pacii

  72. T says:

    The new font would be cool for the overall web page title, but to use it everywhere is a bit too much!

    Loved the old style, sometimes a bit ‘clunky’, but the new one seems to have invented some new problems and just take longer to look through.

    Great site though – keep it coming!!

  73. Anonymous Coward says:

    The new font is nice, but as a picture, that’s not a good idea.
    Come on guys, CSS3 @font-face.
    Other thing : Panoramic pictures, or picture larger than the width of the main column, look awful, squashed down, but not according to the aspect ratio of the pic.

    My 2 kopeks.

  74. Gopher says:

    New layout seems way too unserious for me, but ER is entertainment site after all :)
    I think you should also add “Most popular of the month”, “Most popular of the year” and “Most.Popular.Ever” lists.

  75. Laura says:

    Sooo happy the site is back! I missed checking it and I’m happy to see all the new stuff.

  76. Jozo says:

    I like the new design. I like the header, And I like what has been done with the comments! No complaints from me :-)

  77. web tasarım izmir says:

    nice review ,and awesome article thanks for the post, I found this blog just yet but I am adding you to my bookmarks

  78. aydın says:


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