14 Back to 1945

Back to 1945

Victory Day is here again. Lets take a trip way back to those days when Russian troops marched into Berlin and made this day be celebrated every year. We will mix the old days with the current ones and appreicate this day!

Berlin, 1945/2010. Grosser Stern platz

Berlin, 1945/2010. Potsdamerhlatz

Berlin, 1945/2010. Pariser Platz.


Berlin, 1945/2010 “We defended Odessa, Stalingrad, we reached Berlin!”

Berlin, 1945/2010 The Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag.


Prague, 1945/2010. Powder Tower. Inhabitants of Prague welcomed the Red Army, which ousted the Nazis.


Berlin, 1945/2010 Karlhorst. In this building 66 years ago, the German Capitulation was signed.

Vienna, 1945/2010. Paulanergasse/Favoritenstrasse.

Berlin, 1945/2010, Mehringdamm.

via Sergey Larenkov

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14 Responses to “Back to 1945”

  1. testicules says:


  2. testicules says:

    These are pretty cool pics

  3. SSSR says:

    Someday I will visit Berlin.

    Am I really first….

  4. De Beaumarchais says:

    I like the new interface, more modern.

    I hope there will be more posts with pretty Russian women, in the shortest, skimpiest clothes.

  5. Diana says:

    Very well done :-)

  6. bob says:

    “Berlin, 1945/2010 Karlhorst. In this building 66 years ago, the German Capitulation was signed.” This surrender was for the German forces in Berlin only. The main German surrender for ALL forces was a few days later in Reims to the Supreme Allied Command as the war had still raged on. Of course Stalin was pretty ticked about that.

  7. Harry Balzik says:

    Hello my name ess Harry Balzik and I want to make friend. Will be my friend?

  8. mikefromCanada says:

    Interesting post. Sometimes in this busy world you should take the time to remember who has been here before you.

  9. Connor says:

    Very cool pictures. Good Idea too!

  10. Pierre says:

    Such these images of the historical and current remind me of old people sitting in such places reflecting, while the world goes by oblivious to them and their past. And also of the Dire Strait’s song “Brothers in Arms”.

  11. Chac Mool says:

    History is all around us.

  12. Impressive display of pictures! I love Berlin.. it’s probably my favourite city in the world.

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