24 The Cave City of Chufut-Calais

The Cave City of Chufut-Calais

Posted on May 12, 2011 by

Spring at the Crimea is amazing! Especially the snow-covered trees on the mountains. If you go to the cave city of Chufut-Calais during the dull weather you will get to see the puzzling views of nature. The ruins of the cave city of Chufut-Calais are located on a plateau which rises 540 meters above sea level. It was founded by the Byzantine Empire in the VI century as a fortress. The name of the city Chufut- Calais translates as the “Jewish fortress”.

In most of the guidebooks  its written that at this point, when one gazes down towards the valley, there should be a magnificent view of the valley Ashlam-Dere. But here all we see is “milk”. The fog sometimes has its ways of ruining the day.


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24 Responses to “The Cave City of Chufut-Calais”

  1. zhann says:

    Love the new design … Also, this was a great place to visit. Of all the places in Crym, outside the beaches, I had the most fun here. The church just before this city was a treat as well.

    • FührerBunker.AT says:

      F. Bunker here.

      Yeah tha new design is dynamite! And finaly there is no mor the letter “Ja” abu/sed…

  2. scot says:

    Wow… Love the new design &…….. FIRST!

  3. Viktor says:

    Beautiful photographs.
    And I enjoy your new format of the webpage.

  4. TheGenuineDon says:

    cool new site! congrats!

  5. MarkLenders says:

    What’s this new style communist graphic?

    Your nostalgic revisionism is tender as well as deluded.

    • opticalsound says:

      Sooo, does this mean you’re not gonna “friend” them?

      • MarkLenders says:

        It means that i prefer the old graphic of the site or maybe something creative that not relate to the usual, abused commonplace between Russia and Communism.

  6. Kaspar says:

    You guys broke your page with this new design.

  7. SSSR says:

    someone give me a -

  8. Musa says:

    It looks like a fascinating place to explore. That old road is so cool.

    I love the new design too, it’s classic.

  9. Kent_Diego says:

    Nice new design.

  10. pmgraham65 says:

    WOW! what a nice change…It’s to bad you can’t block the (First!) posters, They’re soo anouying.

  11. Dixieland says:

    Where the caves at?

  12. testicules says:

    Comrades! What is wrong with the Red White and Blue? Why the trowback look?

  13. Richard W. says:

    Looks like a great place to smoke some Hash in the early morning and walking or exploring in the fog. Beautiful. Is this a Real Cave here?

  14. mikefromCanada says:

    Reminds me of the apple blossoms from home. One weekend, a tent, some beer and a fire, sounds like fun!

  15. are you kidding says:

    Kind of ironic that you choose to use a sickle and hammer because in the communist days this web site would get you shot .

  16. Menello says:

    Wow it looks so amazing in the spring time … ! I’ve been there only in summer and it looked totaly different. I’m also surprised with the view of the security guy in blue camouflage :) !

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