9 Amateur Photos Of Russian Police

Amateur Photos Of Russian Police

Posted on May 11, 2011 by team

Photos from the private albums of Russian and Ukrainian police…


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9 Responses to “Amateur Photos Of Russian Police”

  1. Ahilf_Dotler says:

    They’re mostly from the Ukraine (yes, it is a different country…).

  2. Eizo says:

    “Russian” police?

    it reads “UKRAINE” all over their ensignas!

  3. marxistworker says:

    Police are not needed in a Utopia.

  4. Musa says:

    Some of them look like they’re still wet behind the ears. Makes me wonder what kind of testing/screening they have to go through to become a policeman or woman.

  5. Vaso says:

    Only Ukrainian police cadets (I define them by uniform), no Russians at all.

  6. hau says:

    suchki ebanyje

  7. Carevich says:

    Ugly Ukrainian people, they´re not Russian…
    the uniform is damn ugly like the people themselves too..

  8. Lostness says:

    Only one person looking professional (last photo). Everyone else looks like they belong in hand cuffs.

    A couple of those kids remind me of the group that hassled me and a friend and tried to soak us for cash because he was black and I didn’t have a passport on me.

  9. Ivanoff says:

    All Ukes, no Russians. Bydlo is always bydlo, in uniform or without.

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