3 Years After The Biggest Catastrophe…

Years After The Biggest Catastrophe…

Posted on May 10, 2011 by team

The accident in Chernobyl is considered to be the biggest tragedy in nuclear power stations and one of the two accidents that reached the highest level of The International Nuclear Event Scale ( the second is the Fukushima accident ). This scale has 7 levels allowing to value a damage degree. On the following pictures we can see how the disaster changed or destroyed people's lives.

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These pictures are taken 25 years after the terrible catastrophe, but it seems nothing has changed: toys in kindergartens are still lonely.


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3 Responses to “Years After The Biggest Catastrophe…”

  1. Kent_Diego says:

    I would not play with those toys.

  2. NeuroManson says:

    Yet ironically, the toys from Chernobyl are STILL less toxic than the ones from China. Thank you, goodnight!

  3. Ivan Ivanov says:

    The red bicycle is one of the worst photoshop jobs I have ever seen. I wonder if any of these have not been posed.

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