10 The Rat-Sniper From Moscow

The Rat-Sniper From Moscow

Posted on May 10, 2011 by

Gennady (Surname withheld) , a forty-seven year old worker who lives in Moscow combines a hobby with a goodwill hunts for rats.  Armed with a pneumatic sniper-rifle with a laser aim and silencer, (that costs over 3400 USD) he sets out in the evenings to his hunting grounds- in his case to the city streets. Being a former duck-hunter, he  started hunting for rats after another hunter shot him in the leg several years ago. He boasts of having shot dead a total of seven hundred thousand rats for a period of seven years.

Gennady knows the  best hunting spots for his activity. Rats are easy to find in garbage collection sites. Even though rats are considered to be cautious rodents, city rats do not even fear people – like this one in the above photo does not even fear the flash of a camera. According to Gennady, rats can attack humans. They mainly attack the sick and kids.

As he takes on his activity, the hunter is so careful not to get caught by the police. He has taken the character traits from the rats. Careful and alert always. In case a passer-by or a vehicle goes by, he quickly hides his gun in its case.


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10 Responses to “The Rat-Sniper From Moscow”

  1. Oleg says:


  2. Musa says:

    I’m really not sure if this is good or bad.

  3. six-string samurai says:

    wait, he kills 274 rats every single day? Generously assuming he’s got a job, he can engage in such activity for 8 hours daily, which means he gets to kill one rat every two minutes. For 8 straight hours. Every single day of the year. His statistics are either overblown, or he is a sick, sick man.

  4. zash says:

    zaitsev would be jealous about the stats, for sure

  5. xren says:

    I feel very pity for these little harmless creatures! =(

  6. Graham's dad says:

    Dear Son,
    I regret that you never got to finish 3rd grade and now have to dog on people who are not as ignorant as you are.
    Sometimes you amaze even your mother and I, however, and this is one of those times.
    If he kills 700,000 rats in 7 years, then that would average out to 100,000 rats each year, for 7 years. This is tricky, I know, so don’t beat yourself up too bad.
    Here’s the tricky part. Remember how we would always tell you there are 100 days in one year? Well, your mother and I were lying to you. There are actually three hundred and sixty five days every year! I know, we owe you a bunch of meals. Honestly, we just could’t afford to feed you more than 300 times each year, so we made up that lie.
    Anyway, for Gennady to kill 100,000 rats in a year, he would have to kill 273.92 rats every day. (100,000 rats/365 days). Following this insane amount of logic, I am not going to divide 273.92 by 8, and then further divide that answer by 60. So….I got .57 for an answer. This tells me the rat-sniper kills .57 rats every minute. I know, I know. You don’t think you can murder something 57/100th’s at a time. And you’re right, little Graham! YOu can’t! Instead, you have to look at it like, I know know, maybe he kills 1.14 rats every 2(!) minutes?!?!
    Anyway, I’m sorry to have to break such news to you at the same time that I tell you that you suck at mathematics, but you were also what doctors commonly refer to as an “anal-baby”. Thats right. You fell right out of your mommas ass crack right there on the operating table. In fact, thats why we called you “Graham”. Because you looked like the bottom cracker in an overdone smore.

  7. rain says:

    and of course its an owl insignia

  8. robin yates says:

    rats are better off dead,, good luck to all who kill them

  9. Muzzlehatch says:

    I’m trying to figure out what it is about that rifle that costs $3400.

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