11 Enormous Saw of Ekibastuz

Enormous Saw of Ekibastuz

Posted on May 6, 2011 by team

We have already shown you some pictures of Ekibastuz and its “hellish monster” in one of the previous posts. Now we want to show you some more of them. This gigantic 10-storey machine and its enormous saw are really very impressive!


Location: Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan

via foto.crazys.info

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11 responses to “Enormous Saw of Ekibastuz”

  1. OLUT says:

    More interesting than the “Saw” films!

  2. x says:

    It’s not a saw.. it’s a bucket-wheel excavator.
    Nothing big compared to Bagger 288

  3. testicules says:

    Kinda tiny when compared to it’s American and German cousins

  4. hajduk split says:

    almost as large as my pen15us

  5. eger_666 says:

    You are so predictable 🙂

  6. Musa says:

    Strip mining of any kind is ugly business.

    • testicules says:

      In modern countries they set aside the top layers of earth and when they are done mining they replace it leaving the land intact.

      • Musa Hari says:

        You actually believe that BS. I can show you places in America that prove that’s simply not true.

  7. Unknown says:


  8. Jeff Pigden says:

    The correct English term is ‘bucket wheel excavator’. Although, from the side, it looks like a circular saw blade, each tooth is actually a bucket with a sloped back and no side. The teeth dig into the work face and scoop up the material. As the wheel rotates, the material falls backward into the bucket. Since there is no side, the sloped back guides the material sideways to fall onto a conveyor and it is carried away.

  9. Archy Bunka says:

    Kinda like something from Star Wars.

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