45 The Moscow Museum Of War Objects

The Moscow Museum Of War Objects

Posted on May 5, 2011 by team

The Central Museum Of Armed Forces is a big museum of cars, awards, decorations, guns, pictures, documents and other things of the war times. It was founded in 1919, now the museum is under the authority of the Ministry of Defence.

F. Petrov is a constructor of artillery systems.

Flags of guards divisions and regiments.



Partisans, create unbearable conditions for enemies at their rear.

The Partisan Brigade.

For the Warsaw liberation.

Keys of the royal palace gates in the capital of Hungry.

The symbolic key of Berlin.

State awards for Heroes of the Soviet Union.

The 3rd Ukrainian front.

The watch “Electronics” and a beret.

Drivers’ equipments.

State awards of the Russian Federation.

Signs of distinction of the Russian Armed Forces.

Packed meals.

Location: The Museum of Armed Forces

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45 Responses to “The Moscow Museum Of War Objects”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. First?

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. Sov would look good in that Commisar’s jacket. Too bad he was born too late, lol.
    General Zhukov is featured here, as well he should be for saving Russia.

    • marxistworker says:

      No, I don’t look good in a uniform. I’m just an industrial worker. You’re right about Zhukov. You should read “Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar,” by Simon Montefiore. Lots of interesting things about Stalin and Zhukov that the newly opened archives revealed (since 1991). Lots about the War years…

      • Archy Bunka says:

        A. Bunka here. I haven’t read my book about the 1927 Yankees yet…I watched a documentary about WW2, the big one, a while back. A red soldier who knew Zhukov stated somewhat hesitantly that, “he wouldn’t think twice about swatting a fly, nor about sending a soldier to certain doom.” I guess all good, and some terrible, generals have this ability.

        • marxistworker says:

          The ’27 Yankees?! I bet the ’72 Oakland A’s woulda swept them out of the Polo Grounds.

          • Archy Bunka says:

            The 1927 Yankees didn’t play in the Polo Grounds they played in Yankee Stadium. The 72 A;s are literally on no one’s list when it comes to greatest ballclubs of all time. They were a good team though, certainly. I saw the 74 A’s sweep the 74 Yankees at Shea Stadium.
            Did the A’s have nine future Hall of Famers on it? No.

            • marxistworker says:

              I know. The Polo Grounds just sounded better. You know I like the 70s A’s because they were full of misfits and rebels. Keep the comments coming. Debate is good. Keeps us fighting instead of submitting to complacency.

  3. testicules says:

    Interesting collection.

    Happy Cinco De Mayo to all my half Mexican and half Russian friends

    • marxistworker says:

      Your French brothers might not be celebrating…

      • Archy Bunka says:

        Historical note: Our friends south of the border prevented the French from intervening in the American Civil War with their glorious victory over the French on the 5th of May.
        The Mexican victory won the Yankees at least 2 years time and as a result, we supplied the Mexicans with weapons and military assistance after the American Civil War was over.

  4. testicules says:

    P.S. Too much Stain and Lenin. Will Russia never stamp out that evil period in their history? The Germans banned all things Nazi.

    • eger_666 says:

      Yeah, but Communism and Nazi are not the same things.

      • Nilsson says:

        Well, the nazis wanted to conquer the world, they occupied some European countries and put millions in death camps, whereas the communists… oh wait they did the exact same thing. For a longer time.

        • testicules says:

          Many Russians would like to return to the Soviet days. Including their leaders I think.

          • JZ says:

            Those are mostly the older generation who lived in soviet times, most of them are 40+ They want to return to those times because it was stable life and almost everything was decided for them. Russian people like when someone make decisions for them (laziness).
            Those(good theres not many of them) who want someone like Stalin in power are mostly ignorant people…

      • kater says:

        yeah, nazis wanted to kill all others, and commies wanted to kill all others + a lot of their own people. true, not the same thing at all.
        stalin rulef much longer than hitler and was able to kill more people. plus, communism lasted much longer than nazi reign.
        thos who still support communism should be transported to gulags to enjoy themselves in a tru communist fashion.

        • Don says:

          As the last poll said 60% of province people of age btw 18-30 will vote for communist party on the next elections,so i think we will get strong communist opposition. But since elections in Russia is a joke,Putin’s party will win them again as Yeltsin did,when were more votes for commies. So u may sleep well! :)

        • YJ says:

          The base idea of Communism and Nazism are different. Nazism is simply about getting rid of anything that stands in Aryan’s way of becoming a world success. But Communism is about making everybody materialistically equal living in harmony without one’s ability to limit others. Only corrupted leader that twist the basic ideals to make them evil. Which in this case can be applied to both Stalin and Hitler. But Communism has a good intention to start with while Nazism has the evil intention.

      • marxistworker says:

        Comrade eger_666, you are right.

        • Archy Bunka says:

          I will remind you the road to damnation is paved with good intentions. Yes, communism did some good things, however, the price was too damn high. Communists in the old USSR really became a bunch of exclusive snobs, hell bent on eliminating any and all forms of dissent and creativity if it somehow didn’t glorify the state and who the hell wants to glorify the state? The state should be criticised and belittled everyday.
          I again state: the major problem with the American form of government is the fourth branch of government the U.S. Constitution does not address, BUREAUCRATS. And, the USSR had friggin bureaucrats coming out of their ass.

          • testicules says:

            A communist eutopia is everyone living like worker ants. Unquestioning obediance.

            An American eutopia is everyone living like the Cleavers.

            • eger_666 says:

              A communist eutopia is:

              From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

              An American eutopia is:

              Always have an external enemy, and you’ll be fine.

      • eger_666 says:

        Stalin killed a lot of people, but not communism.
        I don’t think you know what is communism, except evil Stalin and “oppressions”.

  5. Cro says:

    Nice WW2 weapons, cant wait to play Red Orchestra 2!

  6. wing says:

    Amazing that Russians still worship Lenin and Stalin! Also, they seem to have a very strong will to go to war again. Still, you don’t want the whole world against you, do you, Russia?

    • YJ says:

      Whole world against Russia? I don’t see any reasons for countries to do that. However on the other hand the US have plenty.

      • Archy Bunka says:

        Ask Georgia, ask Poland, ask Finland, ask East Germany and the list goes on and on. You Russkies don’t get it. America, doesn’t want to run your country, just it’s foreign policy. Whereas the USSR wanted everything and would not leave. The American empire goes on, what happened to your empire?

        • eger_666 says:

          So Poland, Finland and East Germany are the whole world?
          Historically, Russia always have an enemies nears its borders…

          • grandson of a hero says:

            always has had enemies near its borders? Why didn’t you attack them then instead of small countries living their own lives?

  7. Musa says:

    This is one of the places I really want to visit in Russia.

    Do Russians have Army Navy Stores (where they sell a lot surplus military items) like we do in The United States?

    I love that first aide bag with the red cross on it.

  8. Guppi says:

    “Keys of the royal palace gates in the capital of Hungry.” There is a BIG mistake. Please correct.


  9. Jerry Barada says:

    I must be missing something… I don’t see any worship of Lenin or Stalin in these photos. What I see is a world war II museum with busts and posters of the Russian leaders at that time. If I went to a WWII themed museum in America, I would expect to see photos and busts of Roosevelt and Truman. Or Churchill in England. The Soviet Union went through Hell during the War… and these were the leaders who got them through it.

  10. Left SR says:

    Too much cult of personality.

    • Jim-Bob says:

      Yes but leaving it out of a historical display would not accurately represent the USSR at that time. It really didn’t subside much until Khrushchev embarked upon “de-Stailization” in the 1950’s. Stalin, like Hitler, was represented as almost god-like to the people by means of propaganda and denying the average person the ability to have knowledge to the contrary. Why do you think loyal soldiers who had served over seas were put in the gulag upon their return to mother Russia? It was to keep them from telling others what the West was really like.

      Many leaders try to build a cult of personality around themselves to build public confidence in them as leaders. If you don’t believe me, look at the 2008 US Presidential campaign of Barack Obama and you will see the orchestrated development of a cult of personality to get him elected.

  11. opticalsound says:

    Am I eligible for an Order of Lenin if I regularly comment to ER?

  12. Andrey says:

    WOW !


  13. Chololo says:

    They also have the rests of the U2 that the soviets shot down, and in the yard, you can find lots of tanks, planes, guns, and even some missiles.

    Very interesting museum indeed

  14. Mummeli says:

    An donce again, not a single display item description in other languages, than in russian.

    Russian museums must really hate foreign visitors.

  15. SSSR says:

    the dreaded eagle of the third ryche,nothing like the eagle of the united states!

  16. wittman says:

    How many languages can you find, from item descriptions at american museum??

  17. robin yates says:

    thanks for these pics,,,,,,,,,,

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