48 Russian Fighters SU-35

Russian Fighters SU-35

Posted on May 5, 2011 by team

On the 3rd of May flying trainings of the first serial fighter SU-35 began in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. SU-35 is the deeply modernized, very flexible and multifunctional fighter. It uses technologies of the 5th generation that give it the superiority over other fighters of this class. SU-35 is equipped with modern aviation engines on the base of digital, informational and directional systems.

In 2008 Libya signed the contract for the delivery of 12 SU-35.


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48 Responses to “Russian Fighters SU-35”

  1. Freddy Freire says:

    Nice killing machines….

    Cool pics indeed.

    Greetings from Quito, Ecuador.

  2. Freddy Freire says:


  3. testicules says:

    They will make great additions to the Indian or Chinese airforces.

  4. Someone, somewhere says:

    The camouflage pattern on the grey model is very nice.

  5. Musa says:

    Beautiful. They remind me of swans in flight.

    • Musa says:

      I wonder how many military bases they have in that area of Russia?

    • marxistworker says:

      But we appreciate swans more than fighter jets, don’t we?

      • Musa says:

        There is nothing wrong with appreciating fighter jets and swans both for what they are.

        Are you feeling alright?

        Who is this “we” you are talk about? I don’t know about you but there is only one of me here.

        Why are you asking such a strange question like that for? It sounds really ridiculous if you think about it.

  6. Chico says:

    The camouflage pattern is pretty neat indeed

  7. YJ says:

    I wish Libya have these right now so they can deny no fly zone of the invaders.

  8. dudster says:

    yet another target to practice on for American/Israeli/NATO F-15/16/22

    • Cheburator says:

      Actually it is F-15/16 that have already been proven to be target practice in simulated dog-fights with older Mig-25/Su-27. They won’t stand a chance against this one.
      F-22 has only an “invisibility” advantage, but it will go away with next generation radars. So it too will become target practice for russian fighters. ;)

    • brokelegdog says:

      It is not the quality of the equipment you have that matters as much as the quality of the training your pilots have.
      Western pilots have superior training and that makes them superior pilots ….they hit their targets more often than not.

    • alessio says:

      Duster you must be a brainwashed patriot or USA yee ha something.
      F16 whaaaat???? F15 antique and obsolete now both jets are 35 years old!!!
      Comon man!!
      F22 yes okey it can beat the su35, but isn’t that espendable to the usa to risk and loose one. So usa use still the F15 and F16 as theyr spear head.
      Anyway even the Eurofighter laughs at them.
      And Eurofighters are being bult in large noumbers,

  9. Boritz says:

    Russians appear to be continuously experimenting with camouflage. Even uniform of foot soldier isn’t standardised. Many militaries no longer paint camouflage patterns on jet aircrafts. Why does Russia persist with this?

    • 8-P says:

      I suppose Russia is not Lybia or Arizona, where you can leave metals exposed to the air. And since you have to paint it anyway…

  10. Rus says:

    It would be cool to compare it on a dogfight with F22 Raptor

  11. Archy Bunka says:

    A. Bunka here. Jet fighters are cool, but with in ten years they will probably all but obsolete. Remote controlled drone aircraft and missiles will be much cheaper and faster. However, our Raptors may very well become equipped with lasers very soon, take that Russkies.

  12. Cro says:

    That black/white/grey camouflage looks so good on Su-35

  13. Mummeli says:

    Humm, why does the engines look like they’re missing a few covers?

    Maybe it’s just me, but too much bare metal are showing for my taste on them.

    Also, i wonder if those jets will ever be delivered to Libya :)

  14. SSSR says:

    i have not seen any american jets with the camo paint on them.

    • kent says:

      That’s because unlike Russian planes, American planes have the ability to shoot down enemy planes without being seen. Camouflage is pointless.

      • Cheburator says:

        That’s because America usually goes to war with countries that use 50 year-old technology (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libiya) or no technology at all (Afghanistan) :P

      • Cheburator says:

        That’s because Americans usually go to war with someone who either uses 50 year-old technology (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya) or no technology at all (Afghanistan).

    • oleg says:

      You haven’t? What do you think the purpose behind the gray schemes is, pure aesthetics? No. The gray thing that’s so popular in the West right now started appearing in the late 70’s for low-visibility reasons at high altitude (same reason why most air forces have an alternate gray roundel as well). Before then most planes carried old fashioned camouflage, including US ones (save for the USN/USMC planes that have been gray ever since the deep navy blue was phased out in the 50’s). The camouflage depicted in these photos is disruptive camouflage, it’s not meant to make them harder to see but rather to make it harder for an opponent to determine the direction/angle of the plane in a dogfight. Much like how it’s fairly common to paint a fake canopy on the underside. It might or might not actually work in practice, but that’s a different story. It’s not like they rely on it, and it might actually be aesthetical as well.

  15. SpeCons says:

    Beautiful bird…

  16. james jones says:

    The SU35 is a beautiful plane. Its camoflauge and its lines join together to make its appearance truly striking.

  17. IhateEgor Yeah says:

    Russian airplanes are soooo gay looking.

  18. shail says:

    very nice fighter jet and good to watch in sky view,was taken beautifully.India should have this jets..It’s like a tornado in sky…

  19. israr says:

    very nice …….

  20. Bruuno says:

    Damn, along with mig29 and su27 this is the most beautiful plane in existence, most other fighter planes looks like warthogs compared to those.

  21. alessio says:

    I think gealousy is dripping of american mounths here reading the comments of americans.

    This machine is awesome! And in some ways has the advantage over any western jet.

    Italy should buy a dozen of these, and equip them with carbon/kevlar panels to increse weigth trust ratio beyound the Eurofighter 2000
    It would be an indistructible jet.
    And yes if the future is with drones, this one will be the drone killer! because a man in a cockpit makes better decisions than a man behind a remote control

  22. alessio says:

    But the Su 35 didn’t had also Cannards in front? someone explain me please

  23. alessio says:

    F “teens” (f 15 f 16 f 18) against Su 35 in simulation had no chance Su 35 won
    The weapons of choice by usa and nato do to theyr large number and combat proven.
    F16 Block 52 or 62 could be a more worthy oponent

    Eurofighter vs Su 35 a 4 to 1 win for EF
    F22 vs Su 35 in simulations a 10 to 1 win for f22 according to wikipedia

    • Vann7 says:

      Go to youtube.. search for a video.. “F35 useless”
      Will show you how the Su-35.. defeated F22 and F35 in Pacific Vision war game simnulations. Su-35 irbis-e ultra sensitive radar can see F22 up to 50km and f35 at 90km. Su-35 has also superior IR sensors.. and also have better evasion and radar jamming. So its doesn’t matter if F22 see first if it can’t land a single hit on the Su-35 with its superior electronic and jamming defenses and evasive maneuvers.

  24. demesew medngistu says:


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