19 Wrinkles Of The Soviet Time

Wrinkles Of The Soviet Time

Posted on May 4, 2011 by team

Every year Russian people gather and go to demonstrations on the 1st of May, that is the holiday of all workers. Veterans like such events most of all, because they perfectly remember the Soviet times. The whole epoch and hard lives are seen on their wrinkled faces.


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19 Responses to “Wrinkles Of The Soviet Time”

  1. testicules says:

    A bushy eyebrows and bad hats convention

  2. Archy Bunka says:

    I have stopped commenting here because that the piece of drunken trash called “fuhrer bunker” insulted someone close to me, so, no more comments. What’s the point anyway, a waste of time.

  3. Diana says:

    haha they are so cute!!!

  4. Matlok says:

    Come on Arch! Don’t desert us now!

  5. testicules says:

    The are of the insult takes time to develope. In the beginning it is rude and crass. It takes practice to become subtle and polished. Besides, what else are you going to do at work. They block all the really good sites.

  6. very good photo thanx u old years…

  7. lenk says:

    Judging by their facial features some of them used to be handsome men.

  8. Musa says:

    This just proves that some Russian Men do live to be old. Someone once said they usually die young because they’re all alcoholics. I see this isn’t entirely true. I bet they don’t all beat their wives either. :roll:

  9. Musa says:

    Hey, what the Hell did I do this time? Publish my words you big bully!

  10. mukmika says:

    Must have a bit of Russian in me, I have bushy eyebrows.

  11. marxistworker says:

    Not a lot of people give it much thought but long faces and facial features in the aged are a direct result of gravity. We are all hostages to spacetime.

    Yeah, Arch, don’t desert us. We need your intelligence on this forum.

    And I already celebrated International Worker’s Day back on Sunday (by sleeping half the day). Long live the World Proletariat.

  12. opticalsound says:

    Old soldiers fading away…

  13. andrey says:

    Look at all those geezers.

  14. Cro says:

    Wow, that one in uniform looks so cool. Like he has been soldier all his life. What is the rank on his shoulders, capitan?

  15. gaby says:

    Those faces reflect the character and the personality of the times they’ve lived in.

  16. Daniel says:

    These men were members of the Red Army. They deserve the thanks of their countrymen and the whole world for their courage and sacrifice.

  17. George Semel says:

    Lived hard lives, not a one looks like he ever was a slacker at anything they did. It must be hard for the Aged ones to see their Country become something else, maybe a lot better. We are all loosing our World War II Vets at a fast rate. Soon they will be gone and the living links we have to those awful times only be on film and tape, here in the states they been getting the vets to record the memories so they will not be lost. I would love to hang out with those men even at 57 I could learn a thing or two that just might be useful. Geezers my eye.

  18. Douglas says:

    Someday we will ALL be old. Respect to the elders!!!

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