22 Ukrainian Nuclear Arsenal

Ukrainian Nuclear Arsenal

Posted on May 2, 2011 by team

Ukraine has its own rocket forces of special purposes. But all nuclear weapons were moved from the country in 1990s and only one base was saved and soon became a museum. This is not just an exposition of rocket engines, it is the command post located deeply under the ground. Several details of the infrastructure are still operational and real missiles didn’t lose their military might. This base or museum is located in the village Pobugskoe that is famous for the iron nickel plant.

Former officers like to visit this place most of all.

Working hours in the museum are 10.00-17.00 without days off.

The old rocket R-12 was added to the armoury in 1959 and was the first Soviet strategical missile.

Of course, it is beyond comparison with modern ones as it required 100 litres of fuel for a second of working.

A guide tells the history of the 43th Soviet missile army.

The first intercontinental ballistic missile P-16 was able to reach the USA from the USSR territory. In 1960 its test was hold in Baikonur, but unfortunately the rocket fired and about a hundred people died.

The map of the Pervomaisk base, different control panels, models of the command unit and rockets.

The fuel filler’s suit. The rocket fuel is one of the strongest poisons: a drop of it on the skin entails the death.

The command post. It looks small, but all important objects are hidden under the ground.

The long corridor (155 metres) with lots of communication and utility lines on walls.


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22 Responses to “Ukrainian Nuclear Arsenal”

  1. testicules says:

    Lots of money spent for something nobody wants to use.

  2. Musa says:

    I should like to visit this museum in Ukraine too.

    ER has had several posts of this place. I suppose we will see several more in the future as well.

  3. OldBikr says:

    There are no “winners” in a “full exchange” thermonuclear war.


    And how long they continue before extinction takes place is a matter of both scientific fact and debate, extinct they would have become though.

    I read somewhere in the Bible that God promised not to use floods on the earth again, it would be fire next time around.

  4. petrohof says:

    that ‘fuel filler’ person dummy looks scared.

  5. George Johnson says:

    Most people don’t realize that the rockets they use, are basically just controlled explosions. That’s why they take so much fuel, it’s just one long explosion stretched out over time.

    Interesting toilet. A “sitter” and a “squatter” all in one. Hate to have to use it, but at least they’re trying…

  6. Ranarov says:


  7. phil says:

    “. If a nuclear war took place, the USSR would have been a conqueror, but at the same time it probably would have been the only one country remained in the world.”
    silly simple russians still believe this? your military machines were held together using string and chewing gum. your soldiers were either drunk or being raped by drunks.
    the slavic dogs would be defeated and begging for mercy within an afternoon. one can expect no less from a nation of drunken pathetic sons of prostitutes.
    western europe and the usa will always be able to buy defeat you in war and business. western europe and the usa will always be able to buy your sisters for pocket change.

  8. Piapia says:

    Complete waste…Russia & ex slaves(Soviets)is completely a wasted nations…

  9. lxk says:

    I hope they can aim their rockets better than they aiming in the latrine. that thing needs to be cleaned badly

  10. Dazza says:

    Yeah, there’s always got to be one.

  11. Alex says:

    Anyone who thinks there would be a winner or survivor in a nuclear exchange needs to look up Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD).

    This was the deterrence strategy for both countries during the cold war – the assurance that if there was an exchange, the entire world would be destroyed. Good thing we can trust our policy makers to make the best decisions for us!

    • hrthfdg says:

      Yes and no. In a situation where MAD came into practice there would (by definition) have been no winners. No more USA, no more Soviet Union. Just territories where everything is in ruin, most people are dead and things have fallen into anarchy.

      Thinking the ENTIRE WORLD would have been destroyed is delusional, though. At least the doctrine of mutual destruction proves nothing. It’s politics, not science. No amount of nukes that ever existed had potential to kill everyone or everything.

  12. hrthfdg says:

    Nuclear weapons do not create a long term radiation hazard comparable to Chernobyl.

    The problem after a full scale nuclear war would not be radiation but the fact most of us would dead and others starving, without electricity, water, heating or medication.

    The concept of a nuclear winter is purely theoretical and a complete extinction of mankind by nuclear weapons would likely be impossible. The survivors would just be back to the medieval times… or stone age.

    • irix says:

      Well I would bet for medieval age. To many materials and tech would be left behind not to use it. So basically survivors would have no need to regress to dark age, actually they would try to use as much tech as they can to gain advantage.

  13. KMC says:

    Einstein said it best. “I don’t know what weapons the 3rd world war will be fought with, but the one after it will be with sticks and stones.”

  14. Muzzlehatch says:

    I believe that the R-12 was the rocket that was sent to Cuba 50 years ago and brought us to the edge of nuclear war. I was in high school at the time and thought that each day would be our last.
    The “Satan” missile’s main warhead was allegedly 25-50 megatons but there were MIRVs as well.

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