33 Pripyat This March

Pripyat This March

Posted on May 1, 2011 by team

These pictures of Pripyat are quite fresh. They were taken in March. Abandoned, dark and depressive, this place will never be peopled again…


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33 Responses to “Pripyat This March”

  1. headder says:

    Photos are made by polish photographer ;)

    Really nice job, congrats man!

  2. JZ says:

    MY EYES!!1 IT HURTS!!!
    p.s: less HDR next time please…

  3. Boritz says:

    Why is there smoke emanating from the chimney (first photo)??? Not so abandoned, apparently.

    • Krasnoyarsky says:

      Because there are still scientists around the reactor keeping it safe and making studys about radiation. Some machines still work.

      • Winter Echo says:

        It would appear to be a little late for “safe.” I’d just ten-fold the sarcophagus and run like like hell. The only study that could possibly matter can be done by looking out a window (if you had your eyes closed when you drove up to it that morning).

  4. 34523 says:

    ugly hdr

  5. vadik says:

    it is like a museum of the 80’s

  6. oernii says:

    i don’t like these hdrs either.

  7. geo says:

    These are fantastic photos, but they do look to be “doctored” – the texture of the lighting appears to be artificially darkened to install a greater gloom than necessary.

    The whole event we know merely as “Chernobyl” really ought to be made into a 2 or 3 hour film highlighting especially how the citizens lives were before, during and after the explosion.

    Some day, because I hear some tourist companies are organizing trips, I should like to visit Pripyat and bring my camera.

  8. OLUT says:

    I agree, I’m not crazy about the green, halo-around-the-objects effects either. It’s plenty sad there on its own. They’re really good photos.

    For some reason, the ferris wheel always makes me saddest. It stands as a symbol of how it was a modern town, but nobody ever got to ride it.

    • Musa says:

      Sadly enough, we get to see it more weathered and rotted year after year. I wonder how many more years will it stand?

  9. Misha says:

    this post = eye rapefest

  10. Q says:

    Stalker COP

  11. Tom says:

    “But they do look to be doctored”

    These are all HDR shots (high dynamic range), more than one of the same image is taken at different exposures and then combined to give more depth to a photo.

    Great photos though!

  12. marxistworker says:

    Superman is renouncing his U.S. citizenship (according to the BBC news site):
    Guess this place (Pripyat) is as good as any to “set up shop.”

  13. angry mob says:

    Are there any photos without those ridiculous filters or everyone went crazy?

  14. James says:

    Anyone know why there is smoke coming out from that smokestack in the first pic? Is it something they couldn’t shut off?

  15. dreya says:


  16. dreya says:

    Someday ppl will live there anyway

  17. Henry says:

    For an abandoned place it gets quite a bit of traffic. It appears it’s on its way to becoming a tourist attraction.

  18. RAB says:

    Lets hope Jesus returns to rule on earth before people start living there. Lets not forget the radiation will bring deformed children for hundreds if not thousands of years.

  19. zipp says:

    The photographs would have been fine without the onslaught of tonal mapping and the Photoshop burn tool. Less is more.

  20. budivelnyk says:

    Good collection but I like more naturally pics, not photoshopped ones.

  21. Gerry says:

    Heard that Ukrainian government wants to put stronger control on this kind of weird “tourism”. Probably they sniffed that there’s a lot of money on taking foreigners for a walk around the abandoned city and won’t miss a chance to put their spoons into this rich soup.

  22. greg says:

    The somke is probally from the plant. It still somewhat operational, plus the clean of the plant is not done yet

  23. SSSR says:

    i would not be interested to tour this city.i lived in ekaterinburg russia for 2 weeks and i walked and have been driven through most of that city.pripyat is just another soviet city with the same buildings and style.

  24. SSSR says:

    this city looks like it is in the matrix!

  25. Saniok says:

    The worst HDR seen ever :(

  26. geo says:

    I wonder whether the cause of the deterioration of the paint is affected by radiation to cause these patterns, or is it just due to exposure to the weather and varying moisture in the air?

  27. Tanko b says:

    This is very scary..I have a question…If i want to travel there how can i do? I want to see this city with my own eyes…

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