10 Blood Feud in Chechnya

Blood Feud in Chechnya

All the Caucasian nations, no matter what religion they confess, follow traditions of a blood feud. But it has always been considered
that blood feud in Chechnya is practised more than in any other region of Russia. Here is a short photo report on this topic.
7 Winter Fishing In Russia

Winter Fishing In Russia

Fishing in Russia has become mostly the paid pastime. But there are
still some places where fishers can go in for their hobby for free.
15 Mmmm, Sprats In Tomato Sauce…

Mmmm, Sprats In Tomato Sauce…

Canned sprats in tomato sauce - popular food in Russia.
But are there only sprats and sauce to be found there?
13 Tsunami – Japan And Now Russia?

Tsunami – Japan And Now Russia?

This photo was taken just recently, on
13th of March in St. Petersburg ...
12 The Big Restoration Of The Big Theatre

The Big Restoration Of The Big Theatre

The Bolshoi (Big) Theatre is the historic Russian theatre designed by the architect Joseph Bove, which holds performances of ballet and opera. It is one of the biggest and the most famous theatres in the world. The construction of the Bolshoi Theatre consisted of
new elements and of details from the previous buildings. A lot of cracks, sags and other defects appeared in the walls after the last serious restoration. In fact the building is constantly being repaired from the beginning of its existence.
15 Another Cool Park in Kiev

Another Cool Park in Kiev

A new children's landscape park has lately been built in Kiev. It was created by one sculptor on the money of an unknown
benefactor and residents of the nearby houses. It's quite a weird but at the same time cool park. Well, see yourselves.
17 The Old Time Gallery In Moscow

The Old Time Gallery In Moscow

The old time gallery in Crocus Expo exhibited unique and rare displays: cars for the special purpose. There
were a lot of vehicles, not only cars, but also motorcycles, bicycles and even an armoured car.
14 The Native Land Of Uzbeks

The Native Land Of Uzbeks

Practically all Uzbeks that come to Russia for work live in flats with 20-30 roommates or in dirty dormitories, in basements and in abandoned buildings. Most of them earn less then 7,000 rubles (250 dollars), don't see
their families and friends for years. But still this life is better then the life in poverty in their native land. There are some pictures of the beauty that Uzbek workers have to change for peanuts.
12 The Supersecret Factory In Balaklava

The Supersecret Factory In Balaklava

The supersecret factory of submarine repairing in Balaklava was opened for everybody's view only in 2003. This unique project was started in 1957, builders worked almost all the day, in three shifts. And the construction was over in 1961. The underground base of the factory served as the military object during the cold war. This object is
the building of anti-nuclear protection. In case of danger the factory could automatically and airtightly close and accommodate all the Balaklava population. There was a bakery, storehouses and a hospital, so people might live there for 3 years. The whole area of all rooms and halls is about 5100 square metres.
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22 The Most Creative Ads of Russia

The Most Creative Ads of Russia

Recently there have appeared many interesting outdoor ads in Russia. Though their performance is often very lame and ideas are not
always original, such advertising is certainly an example of Russian creativity which arouses passers-by's interest and smile.

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