36 Secret Airbase in Khotilovo

Secret Airbase in Khotilovo

Khotilovo is a secret military airfield located in the Tver region. It is always in combat readiness to
protect the airspace of Moscow and the Central industrial region. It's not that easy to get there...
6 Very Hot on Shooting Range

Very Hot on Shooting Range

Remember the previous post about Russian marines? Here are some more pictures of
their training on a shooting range. Let's enjoy the spectacle of firing.
22 Lenin Modernized

Lenin Modernized

Here are some hilarious variations of just one Vladimir
Lenin's picture. Imagination knows no boundaries indeed...
15 Russian Protection From Radiation

Russian Protection From Radiation

The motorized infantry division №200 is located in the northern part of Russia in Pechenga village. In the connection of the latest events in Japan the
trainings of chemical and radiation protection taken there are very actual. Therewith the technics and machines are not so old just a little bit rusty.
5 Flying Over The Volga Delta

Flying Over The Volga Delta

The Volga is the large Russian river that flows in the central part of the country. This river plays a very important role in the Russian
culture: a lot of stories, legends and fairy tales relate to it. Now we are going to fly over one of the most important Russian rivers.
15 News From Russian Roads, Part 33

News From Russian Roads, Part 33

Russian people have always been so
inventive... Roads is to place to prove it.
18 The Earth From Space

The Earth From Space

Here are some fantastic
photos made by RosCosmos.
29 Preparation for the Parade

Preparation for the Parade

Preparation for the military parade held on the 9th of May is a matter of special importance. Several days ago there was the second rehearsal during which the mechanized column
twice passed in front of the commander in both directions of the street. After that all the errors were analyzed. Here you can see the very process of the rehearsal.
12 The House Of Antiquities

The House Of Antiquities

The museum of paleontology was found in Moscow in 1937, now it is one of
the biggest natural museums in the world that has very rare exhibits.
10 The History Of One Building

The History Of One Building

All these photos were shot from the top of the scaffoldings of the building at the intersection of Moyka and Gorokhovaya streets in St. Petersburg.
The building is very old and has a rich history. Let's mix the up-to-date photos with an interesting excursion into the historical domain.

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