17 Novosibirsk From Above

Novosibirsk From Above

The Novosibirsk region is located in the south-western part of the West Siberian Plain and occupies an area of 178,2 thousand
square kilometres. It's not the first time we show you pictures of this region from above, but new photos - new pleasure!
6 LEGO-Jeeping


Contrary to the established opinion, LEGO is not just a construction kit with bricks, houses and little men. There are many different branches of
LEGO-modelling, and one of them is model-car construction. These photos were made at an interesting competition - LEGO Offroader Racing in Moscow.
11 Shock! UFO Found In Buryatia!

Shock! UFO Found In Buryatia!

Probably we are not the first to show you this shocking video and photos. This corpse was found in Buryatia and soon became a real sensation
worldwide! The weird creature 85-110 cm tall, without a right leg and supposedly female... Just watch the video inside, it's really shocking!
8 The Great Holiday In Odessa

The Great Holiday In Odessa

On the 10th of April there was an international military and historical festival dedicated to
the anniversary of Odessa liberation. Guns and clothes are real, remained from the war.
8 At the Recording Studio

At the Recording Studio

All of you heard of such a profession as a sound mixer. But do you know what exactly these
people do in a recording studio? Let's watch the curious process of song recording.
5 Two Brothers – One Passion

Two Brothers – One Passion

The exhibition of the Tkachev brothers has lately been opened at the Tretyakov Gallery. These amazing artists are well-known to
everybody who is at least slightly familiar with art. They work together on all paintings and depict beautiful village life.
13 Abandoned Places Coming Back

Abandoned Places Coming Back

We haven't had posts about abandoned places for a long time, have we? This one will
fix this problem. Half-ruined abandoned industrial spots of Moscow are inside.
14 The Analog Of The Chernobyl NPP In Kursk

The Analog Of The Chernobyl NPP In Kursk

The Kursk nuclear power plant is located in Kurchatov near Kursk. The plant consists of 4 power units with the whole power of 4 Gw. Energetic blocks started operation in 1976-1985. This nuclear power plant became the second
plant with reactors RBMK-1000 after the one in Leningrad launched in 1973. The construction of the 5th unit suspended in the middle of 2000s. The Kursk plant is the closest analog of the plant in Chernobyl.
10 Effective Means of Intelligence

Effective Means of Intelligence

The Tupolev Tu-143 "Reys" ("Flight") is a Soviet reconnaissance drone which was created in the 60s and successfully
used till the 90s. The short story about this highly effective means of intelligence is inside the post.
7 “Friendly” Ship Guarding Moscow

“Friendly” Ship Guarding Moscow

An abandoned lonely ship standing in the middle of the Moscow River looks quite unusual. Its name is "Druzhny" ("Friendly") and at first it was going to be restored and
become a museum. But at the moment this has not happened yet. Everything is dismantled inside and only a deckhouse and a number of cabins remained intact...

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