10 Industrial Kazakhstan And Its Power Stations

Industrial Kazakhstan And Its Power Stations

The Ekibastuz GRES-1 is the 4,000 MW coal-fired thermal power station (GRES) located near Ekibastusz, Kazakhstan. Its construction began in 1974. This station is the biggest in Kazakhstan: according to the project it consists of 8 power units and 330-meters
chimneys. But in fact the first chimney is only 300 metres because of its curvature. Formerly small pieces of ashes escaped from chimneys and fell on workers. When is was raining these pieces might burn clothes and leave burns on the skin.
13 Evolutional Production of Locomotives

Evolutional Production of Locomotives

General Electric Transportation (GETS) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of railway equipment. In 2009 it opened a locomotive factory in
Astana, Kazakhstan. It specializes on production of haul freight locomotives of an "Evolution" series and makes 100 of them a year...
24 25 Years of Radiation

25 Years of Radiation

This post is unique without any exaggeration. The story is told by a man who participated in liquidation of the
consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. His name is Alexander and he arrived in Chernobyl in the middle of August in 1986...
14 The Russian Oil Platform Made By World Standards

The Russian Oil Platform Made By World Standards

This is the story about a Sea Sleetproof Srationary Platform by the example of the oil derrick in the Caspian sea. It started its work in 2010 so it is quite new.
The expected service life is about 30 years. Though the platform is located in the sea center the depth there is only 12 metres and the water is pure.
8 Ancient Holiday Of Easter

Ancient Holiday Of Easter

Easter, Easter day or Easter Sunday is the biggest, greatest and the most ancient holiday for all orthodox believers. According to the belief that day Jesus revived on the third day after his
crucifixion. Peoples all over the world will be celebrating this festival day, eat colored boiled eggs, sweet special cakes and feel inexpressible pride for being religious.
29 Russian Impassable Areas

Russian Impassable Areas

That's where even a
tractor cannot pass...
12 To Drink Or Not to Drink…

To Drink Or Not to Drink…

The compilation of anti--alcohol pictures that have been made by one guy since 1971. Repulsive and
shocking... We hope they made at least some Soviet drunkards think of their way of life.
12 False Summer In the Agricultural Plant

False Summer In the Agricultural Plant

The Maiski (May) agricultural plant is one of the biggest plants in Russia.
Let's visit it and see how vegetables and fruit live in cosy greenhouses.
4 Behind The Scenes of The Mariinsky Theatre

Behind The Scenes of The Mariinsky Theatre

The Mariinsky Theatre or Mariinka is a historic theatre of opera and ballet in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was opened in 1860 and became the preeminent music theatre of late
19th century. There were many stages of great Russian directors' masterpieces. The Mariinsky Theatre is home to ballet, opera and orchestra with the same names.
11 Shooting TV Commercials

Shooting TV Commercials

  These are pictures from shooting
Russian commercials. Camera! Action! We Start!

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