10 The “War Engines” Exhibition

The “War Engines” Exhibition

Recently the Central Museum of WWII had the 25th anniversary. In honor of this date there was the
unique exhibition "War Engines" with Soviet, German and their allies' cars from the war time.
3 The Skin of Astrakhan

The Skin of Astrakhan

While flying to the oil platform located in the Caspian Sea one could not help comparing the floating below Astrakhan landscapes with human skin. Here the rivers pierced
the solid earth like swollen veins on the hands of an athlete. Here the tractors left scars on a field. And this reed reminds of a three-day stubble...
3 Through the Eyes of a Child

Through the Eyes of a Child

A curious experiment. Today's children talk about old things which were
actively used by representatives of older generations in Russia.
5 A Lifting Project In The Olympic Stadium

A Lifting Project In The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic stadium is one of the Ukraine indoor sport complex located in Kiev.
Recently a large guy system was lifted here. It is a unique and very difficult process.

11 Colorful St. Petersburg of 1931

Colorful St. Petersburg of 1931

You have already seen the photos of the Moscow of 1931. And now it's time to show you the pictures of St. Petersburg that were shot by
the same traveller in the same year. Later they were colored with acrylic paints. Check out, the result is really beautiful!
26 Like To Be a Bachelor…!

Like To Be a Bachelor…!

According to the following pictures Russian single men change their family happiness for careless
and lazy life and mess at home. Hey, men, do you really like living in such filthy rooms?
72 The Breath of Death

The Breath of Death

These drawings depict the life of the Soviet
Gulag prisoners. Very cruel and gloomy...
29 Soviet Postcards From The Soviet-Finnish War

Soviet Postcards From The Soviet-Finnish War

The war between the USSR and Finland in 1939-1940 lasted only for 105 days. But both sides had great losses: several divisions disappeared for ever, thousands of people were taken prisoners or just became mad from such unbearable lives. The difficulty consisted in
the fact that it was the stern winter and many Russian soldiers had to wear only blouses. But they continued to fight because Stalin said: " There are no such fortresses that communists could not capture!" Here are postcards from those times. 
17 Graffiti In The Dead Town

Graffiti In The Dead Town

25 years ago the Ukrainian city Pripyat was abandoned after probably the biggest accident in nuclear
power stations history of all times. But the city continues its existence in other forms...
21 Coming Back to Chernobyl

Coming Back to Chernobyl

As you probably know, the Chernobyl NPP is surrounded by a 30-kilometer exclusion zone. To enter it you must have
a special permission. But do you actually want it? If you do, see how to enter there after the jump.

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