30 Unusual Discoveries Unexpectedly Close!

Unusual Discoveries Unexpectedly Close!

Posted on April 30, 2011 by team

Sometimes to see something very beautiful or interesting, you just need to leave your house and go to the forest.

In forests near Moscow even abandoned military aircrafts can be found.

Near them there are arresters.

Of course, engines are taken by curious travellers.

The undercarriage.

Remains of the hydraulic system.

The pilot’s cabin.

Summer time!


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30 Responses to “Unusual Discoveries Unexpectedly Close!”

  1. Leon says:

    this is Mig-23 not 32

  2. Leon says:

    and I am first!! yeah- I am the man.. and rest of you just a bunch of pussies

  3. Dvashkai says:

    Does anyone know where exactly this is? it says near moscow, but was wondering if anyone had any specifics?

  4. Musa says:

    This is just sad and disgusting, a Soviet Mig r.a.p.e.d., gutted and left to rot like this, I don’t care where it is.

  5. Boritz says:

    This looks like low-budget military museum. Fail.

  6. George Johnson says:

    No, dummy set up for military training center.

  7. Krolik says:

    Those are MiG-23s NOT MiG-32.

  8. testicules says:

    Looks like a graet training ground for hellfire missiles

  9. hmm says:


    those are SU-15s not mig-23

  10. Scott says:

    This looks a little like a F.I.S.H. setup – Fighting In Somebody’s House (training facility). But maybe that should be F.I.S.H – Fighting In Soviet History ;-)

  11. reimon says:

    definitivamente un SU-15 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SU-15.jpg

  12. andrew says:

    ya those is SU-15s totally

  13. Photographer says:

    “A battle veneer car” – what a dumb name. This is BMP armoured vehicle.

  14. Photographer says:

    And those are MiG-23. Old versions. Google images for MiG-23.

  15. Bill says:

    That would definitely be something amazing to find out in the middle of no where!

  16. GuitarMan says:

    Wow, these pics are amazing. Did you take them all yourself?

  17. Sophia says:

    Please, let me know where this is, I want to go visit this when I visit Moscow

  18. zaly says:

    Amazing photos. Perhaps this is world’s only military museum in a forest.

  19. Ivan says:

    that is amazing… who would’ve thought?

  20. Jonathan says:

    Such a cool thing, gives a feel of being in a museum outdoors. I’m sure there isnt many museums with pieces like theese.

  21. ya those is SU-15s totally. Love it.

  22. Holly says:

    That’s so cool. Military remains are so interesting and creepy…kind of like the X Files. There’s a derelict military base near my home in NY and it’s definitely a creepy place.

  23. Marco says:

    Amazing pictures, I would love some day to watch them live. I will have to go to your country.

  24. Daphne says:

    Spooky but amazing. I want to visit that place.

  25. Bob says:

    I really believe these places are so scary going alone!

  26. MaxAlvarado says:

    Woahh This is Nice Collections of pictures. I hope someday i can go there :D Anyways whos plane is that is that a Russian?

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