13 Germans in Kaluga

Germans in Kaluga

Posted on April 29, 2011 by team

The Volkswagen plant located in Kaluga is a very interesting place to visit. But it’s not opened for tourists and to enter it you must have a special invitation. So here you can see the exclusive photos of the most important parts of the plant: a shop where cars are assembled, a laboratory where they are tested for quality and a canteen.

Let’s start with the laboratory of quality control.

Many rules must be strictly followed here.

At the very entrance there stand the models of cars that are assembled entirely at the plant. These are two models of Volkswagen (the Polo Sedan and the Tiguan) and two models of Skoda (the Fabia and the Octavia).

A model of the plant.

The Germans didn’t stint on the area. A rather large part of it is used by employees for parking. If it was a Russian company cars would probably be parked along the road because then the parking lot would cost money.

This lab is unique. None of Russian car plants has such a special unit that constantly monitors the quality of the cars. The pragmatic Germans take it for granted (as well as many other countries) but for Russia it’s quite unusual.

All conducted researches affect the future production throughout the world. And its employees are real scientists. They even wear white coats.

But at heart they are real hooligans. In a good sense of course. Most of their tests are intended to break, burn or spoil. Then they look at the results and give recommendations on how to make the car more resistant to such damage.

In this small stove upholstery is burnt. How many seconds will it take to burn it completely?


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13 Responses to “Germans in Kaluga”

  1. testicules says:

    One of the most organized places I have seen on this sight.

    Oh yeah… Run by Germans

  2. german engineering in da house :D

  3. Eizo says:

    … definitely is ran by GERMANS!

    now let’s dare to see some LADA / KAMAZ / ZIL / UAZ whatever is a russian production plant …

  4. Zonda says:

    In this way, Russia have big opportunities… Lot of west car producers have already productions capabilities here. Ok they have to face with a strong communist mentality ;), but seems to worth.

  5. Musa says:

    It looks brand new but German’s are know for being clean and orginaized people. I’m not saying people from other countries are not, so don’t no one get excited.

  6. inspira says:

    Volkswagen now is owned by Proton from Malaysia.

  7. zash says:

    In the third picture on the big sign … what does the one in the lower left mean? Badminton forbidden?

    • abraxas says:

      top row from left: no smoking, no drinking, no babies, no weapons, no animals
      bottom row: no explosives, no fire, no radioactive material, no photos

  8. zak says:

    It is a glow

  9. joe says:

    cant see golf , and passet B7

  10. Nick says:


    Volkswagen is not owned by the hopeless Proton. Volkswagen was going to enter a joint venture with the Malaysian Proton to make Volkswagens in Malaysia but decided against it as Proton make bad cars.

  11. Rich says:

    proton makes lotus… just saying

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