12 To Drink Or Not to Drink…

To Drink Or Not to Drink…

Posted on April 23, 2011 by team

The compilation of anti–alcohol pictures that have been made by one guy since 1971. Repulsive and shocking… We hope they made at least some Soviet drunkards think of their way of life.

Well… I don’t give a damn about you…!

You are… a waste of life!

“Old men”

Who is to blame?

Your wife and children are at home waiting for you. Wish daddy came soon…

Tears came too late.


What a fool you are.

An old mother waits in vain for her son… Once she was told, she would burst into tears…

My son? God damn you…

Here is my mother finally gone.

A friend has come… (Get out of here!)

Young, handsome, strong, irresistible (or rather insoberable).

An apostle of a serpent.

Isn’t dangerous but repulsive.

Got drunk. Insulted and left…

Everyone has a right to embrace a post.

Got it.

Don’t yell, stupid bit##!.. There is nobody around.

To drink or not to drink. That’s the question…

Give me three rubles. – But my mother told me… – Give me, I say! We need it…

Dangerous for composure.

Small Serezha and big father.

Dad! Daddy! Stop it!!..

Fedya eats radish with vodka. Vodka with radish eats Fedya.

Oh, guys! What you have done.

You won’t get me alive!

The head is hurt, poop in the mouth, no money left…

The morning is hazy, the morning is grey…

Keep away from me!

The black heroes of delirium tremens (literally “white fever” in Russian).

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12 Responses to “To Drink Or Not to Drink…”

  1. allyako says:

    this should be shown to the youth of Russia

  2. lugash says:

    poop in mouth

  3. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Sadly, this happens all too often around the world…

  4. tts says:

    источник или автор где кто?

  5. Left SR says:

    Alcohol and humanity have been bound for as long as there has been humanity. It’s chemistry.

  6. xoxo says:


  7. hiway hank says:

    great post….sad subject

  8. zjoske says:

    how true

  9. zipp says:


  10. testicules says:


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