34 The Upgraded Georgian Army

The Upgraded Georgian Army

Posted on April 18, 2011 by team

This is a story about one Georgian infantry brigade. Its soldiers took part in the military actions in Tskhinvali, a great number of them died then. The unit was destroyed in 2008.

Modern barracks.

The show of the brigade arsenal. The Russian tank Т-72Sim1 was upgraded in Israel with a TV, GPS and dynamite protection. These modernisations allow to work at night. The tank 200 PTUR “Combat” was sold by Ukraine, but it is not used. The brigade has only one tank batallion.

Two armoured personnal carriers serve for the infantry delivery, they are the Soviet BTR-80 and the Turkish Ejder.

BTR is equipped with an automatic grenade launcher.

Seats in a compartment are not fixed, that allows to soften the blow power.

The Turkish armoured vehicle Cobra with M40.

Humvee with PKM.


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34 Responses to “The Upgraded Georgian Army”

  1. scart says:

    the first tank equipped with TV, but does it support divx porn?

  2. Barbar says:


    Georgy, you blow 4 tanks with one shell! Cheater!

    I wonder if Georgian generals at the same time play some 4X strategy. No doubt, they already conquered half of the globe down there.

  3. Rurik says:

    The Russians have quantity but in the end, a quality soldier will always prevail. It take a harsh defeat to realize that you have to treat your soldiers well if you want them to win your wars. I believe the next encounters with the Russians will not be so one sided.

    • Scrat says:

      Runk, I suggest you study the Great Patriotic War. Quality goes a long way but in the end its just a small part of a war. Anybody who thinks the Russian army is not a capable military institution and messes with Russia is going to go the way of the King of Sweden, Napoleon and Adolf Hitler. Anybody who thinks Russian soldiers are second best to anyone is making a big mistake. If you want a fight go pick on a 3rd world country with no army, Airforce or Navy and you will come out looking good. If you pick a fight with the Russians you probably won’t live to see the end of it.

      • testicules says:

        Scrat. The Russian Military is second best to the USA. No dobt about it. Training, equipment and doctrine. The Iraqis used the same doctrine and equipment that their Russian advisors gave them. The USA wiped the floor with them. Russia still has a conscript army. You can’t compete with a career all volunteer professional army.

        Sorry Russia is not # 1. I am not even sure they could best the Chinese or the Germans

  4. dimabmore says:

    Only looks. Russia can EASILY take over Georgia in a matter of several hours, if they realy want to.

    • mm says:

      Sure you can. It’s your tradition to conquer, destroy, burn and rape. Thanks God there’s always demographics and Chinese waiting round the corner.

  5. xyz says:

    rurik, are you ret.ar.d.ed or somthing? The Russians had both quantity AND quality. The Geor.gi.ans were utterly r.a.pe.d.

  6. sashka says:

    why russia hates georgia? does anybody have answer?

    • Scrat says:

      The question should be reversed. Why does Georgia hate Russia? The answer is because a bunch of gangsters and thugs run the country and want to pad their pockets damn all else.

      • Nick says:

        Couldn’t have described the Kremlin any better. You’re argument is funny and r.e.t.a.r.d.e.d at the same time.

    • Sean says:

      Rhetoric question. Russians do not hate Georgians, some, however, sometimes do. It is the matter of strategy. Georgia wants to join NATO and, ultimately, to become a member of EU. For that they need an enemy, so US and EU would protect Georgia and incorporate it into geopolitical structure. In general, Georgia does not have other resources to attract both USA and EU but to be a victim. It’s so self-obvious, I don’t even know how this whole thing happened. I sympathetic to Georgia, but Georgia shall stop this politics.

      • Scrat says:

        Pretty accurate Sean. I prefer to simplify things though. Shakeasswilly and his people are scum.

      • mm says:

        Let me think, was it Georgia that was occuping Russia for over two centuries?
        And why is it so, that NONE of the countries once occupied by Russia is a rich and prosperous country now?
        I only hope one day Russia will understand that they’re not the chosen ones to rule the whole world and that there should be no such thing like “russian influence zone”. For the benefit of Europe, Caucasus and Russians themselves.

      • testicules says:

        Sean. I would say a better answer is that Russia tricked them into a conflict to keep them out of the EU and Nato. The same way they’re poisoning Ukrainian politicians that are friendly to the west. Russia will give former Societ states independence but Russia still wishes to dominate them politically.

        • Sean says:

          Maybe. But some pieces do not fit into the whole picture. I personally think Georgia and Russia were tricked into a war to induce the local instability and to speed up Georgia’s incorporation into NATO. If Georgia was incorporated, so would Ukraine which would lead to the economic isolation of Russia from EU and apparently – to the financial crisis in Russia to the degree of dissolving of Russia as a state. It’s such a pity people cannot see it. EU is on the edge of deep financial crisis and so is America. They cannot help each other, but the collaboration between Russia and EU would revive both economies and Georgia would prosper as well. I would say Russia is not against Georgia as such. Nor is it against Georgia and EU political and economic union, in opposite – Russia wants unification of EU and former soviet republics into efficient economic structure, but that would be a dangerous rival to US.

  7. Rurik says:

    Stalin was Georgian and a lot of Russians still revere him….go figure. As for criminals in the government, that could be said of both countries.

  8. Rednecks says:

    Russia attacking Georgia would be like the US attacking one of it’s onwn states, like Georgia. The State of Georgia in the US would have put up a better fight.

  9. bob says:

    seems to be US troop figure..

  10. Cro says:

    What, their US friends paid for all that? I hope they try again, they allmost got the Russians last time lol..

  11. dave says:

    Some of the equipment seems western, as much as I know I israel sold the gregorian army some equipment and training methods, that was stopped to russia’s demand after the last war, in a kind of a diplomatic deal – israel will not provide any more support to the gregorian army and in return, russia will not sell some anti-aircraft systems etc. to arab countries.
    Any way, as trained as this army might be, it has no chance against the russian army in the long term since the russian army is much superior in quantity.

  12. Eizo says:

    omg that turkish made armor is so ugly

  13. obama says:

    Actually the right hand side one of those two “Kraz” (not KaRz) trucks is a Ural truck.

  14. xyz says:

    Testiculues is a known ret.ard. The IRaqis were a bunch of untrained amateurs. Their equipment was over 20 years old by the time they faced the americans.

    Rurik: dude, seriously. Are you kidding or do you really think that the Georgians did not get destroyed?

    The Russian army simply DOMINATED them. During the early hours of the conflict, when the Russians were outnumbered, they, along with local militia, held up the entire Georgian army.

    • testicules says:

      XYZ, It is easy to attack someone personally when your argument is weak. The Iraqis had one of the largest standing armies in the world. Over 1 million soldiers. Yet they were picked apart by the US. Us casualties were minimal. In fact most were caused by friendly fire. The Russian beating up on the Georgians woould be like invading the Bahamas for the US. It would be over in a day. Suprisingly it took the Russian a lot longer to whip the Georgian than it did for the US to beat the Iraqis.

      • Sean says:

        I think it was because Russians didn’t invade Georgia as such, it only was trying to separate the disputed territory from Georgia, and only because Georgia begun fire against civilians in Abkhazia. Operating two missions – protection of civilians under fire and aggression against Georgian army took long. I think Russia should have given Abkhazia international status quo, so UN and general assembly would decide whether Abkhazians are to be the part of Georgia.

        • Nick says:

          1. It was not Abkhazia, it was South Ossetia. 2. Appart of the artillery bombardament which the Georgian army carried out against mostly military targets placed in Tskhinvali ( same Russians did in Gori ) there is only Russian propaganda about Georgians deliberatly killing civilians and eating them alive. Most civilians died by air bombardament then by anything else and the major civilian death toll is on Georgian side, 800 people still missing as of 2014(!). Ossetians did not only start picking on Georgian civilians in Tskhinvali before the Georgian army entered the city but a day before that happened and after the war they burned down entire settlements and started mass kidnapping and killing people. Dozens of Georgian villages don’t even exist anymore. That BS with Georgians commiting mass crimes compared to the crimes committed by Ossetians later is not valid at all and the crimes that took place and are claimed to have been carried out by Georgians have to be proven too !

  15. Strelok says:

    The Georgians baited the Russians into attacking hoping the US would help… buy more guns next time kids.

  16. DaveWeek says:

    Technology and numbers go a long way. Look at the US, single best fighting force in the world only for numbers and technology. You don’t need to have the most amazing military minds and toughest soldiers when you have the ability to annihilate your enemy from way out of their range. Like it or not, this is how war is fought these days.

    Georgia have nothing and would only be a brief exercise for the superior Russian forces. It is sad, but it is true.

  17. moo says:

    Best trained military in the world is America and what have does trillions of dollars gotten them? They cant win a war with a few towel heads. For crying out load at least Russia when it was in Afghanistan could say the US was supplying the Afghans. What can America claim? Also about quantity vs. quality. Quantity has a quality of its own :)

  18. james eicher says:

    I would like to join

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