19 Space Anniversary Celebrated In Zvezdny City

Space Anniversary Celebrated In Zvezdny City

Posted on April 13, 2011 by team

Practically all young boys dream to become a spaceman, but who has really become?  The space topic remains mysterious for us, intriguing and inaccessible even now. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first human fly to space there was a solemn event in Zvezdny city that is located in the Moscow region.

About two hundreds of people came to lay flowers on Gagarin’s monument.

The star people: S. Krikalev and V. Tereshkova.

V. Trofimov, the main expert of cosmic connections.

The picture in the centre of spacemen training.

Space simulators.


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19 Responses to “Space Anniversary Celebrated In Zvezdny City”

  1. Que says:

    Que go to sstarz.

  2. Barbar says:

    “The model of the manual gun for protecting from dangerous animals and criminals or for hunting.”

    And for protecting from space invaders and alien living forms. We all know that space travels isn’t safety enough.

    • Smiling Jack says:

      On TV (in Russia) showed a laser pistol for the first cosmonauts. True said that he was ineffective. Basically he might “dazzle”.

  3. gaby says:

    mmm…there should be some mention of Laika too.

    • RAB says:

      You are right but before we set blame I think its possible she was overlooked not because of gender,but because this celebration is so important. Even to the rest of the world.I am sure there is much information about her in the space museum.

  4. gaby says:

    mmm…there should be some mention of Laika as well.

  5. FührerBunker.AT says:

    F. Bunker here.

    Kool shht!

  6. RAB says:

    If I had the money I think I would love to see this place and some parts of Russia as well.

  7. testicules says:

    I heard they ate Laika

  8. opticalsound says:

    I’m no astronaut. I’m a psychonaut! ;-)

  9. MikefromCanada says:

    I agree Laika would have been delicious. But it is amazing to think that some evolved monkeys (the human race) were able to make it to space! Smoke a joint and think about it man:)

    • SovMarxist1924 says:

      Comrade Mike, humans and monkeys share a common ancestor; we are not evolved monkeys. We made it to space because we let science and mathematics be our guide, not religion.

    • Arvid Blomerus says:

      Humans learned to cook, made it easy to get huge amounts of protein for the brain.

      Say thanks to the cook after meal, without the cook, you´d still be a squirrel.

  10. opticalsound says:

    “A packet for vomitive masses.” = “Handle with Care.”

  11. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    HAL 9000 wasn’t invited?

  12. slav, turk and german says:

    Thank you – pioneers of humanity – Russian or not – thank you!!!

  13. USSR Space says:

    tam na foto Krikaliov

  14. Adolfo Camara says:

    Bring back the shuttle!! Both US and Russian ones!

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