7 Winter Fishing In Russia

Winter Fishing In Russia

Posted on April 12, 2011 by team

Fishing in Russia has become mostly the paid pastime. But there are still some places where fishers can go in for their hobby for free.

Despite the fact that April has already come, fishing is still wintry because the river has not thawed yet.

Nowhere without tea!


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7 Responses to “Winter Fishing In Russia”

  1. testicules says:

    Over all not a bad catch. However a lot of those fish were very small

  2. Rossiya says:

    In Soviet Russia, fish catch you!

    Awww, too soon?

  3. Cro says:

    Omg, i give my right ball for those pikes, but spinning, not net!

  4. ... says:

    I hope the two crayfish went back in the water…they are vey pregnant

  5. pizdets says:

    How much does the average sport fisherman have to “pay” in Russia in order to fish? Is the author writing about just a fishing license? Or do Russian fishermen have to pay access fees to get to the water or on the water?

  6. Comminism says:

    In the past it was 0 rubles, now it all depends how good connections you have in the local are surrounding the river/lake. But then it will be a bribe of $10-25 for UNLIMTED number of fish for several fishing days.

  7. kin says:

    It not fishing, and poaching! – _ -

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