10 When Leningrad Still Existed

When Leningrad Still Existed

Posted on April 12, 2011 by team

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Here are some old pictures of Leningrad in this post. Watch and enjoy.

leningradoldphotos 1

These photographs were taken in 1972 apparently by some German tourists.

leningradoldphotos 2leningradoldphotos 3


leningradoldphotos 4

Tourists seem to have lived in the newly built “Leningrad” hotel.

leningradoldphotos 5

Kronverkskaya embankment will be built in 1980.

leningradoldphotos 6leningradoldphotos 7leningradoldphotos 8leningradoldphotos 9leningradoldphotos 10leningradoldphotos 11


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10 Responses to “When Leningrad Still Existed”

  1. testicules says:

    Ah the good old days. When if you didn’t like your boss you just reported him to the KGB as a capitalist

  2. Sandra says:

    Nice photos! Clean streets and prospects and not so many cars and people as now :).

  3. kuramiianko says:

    The photos from the “other” german tourists from the 40s were more dramatic

  4. btdown says:

    I really like St. Petersburg…I live there for a year in the 90’s and would go back in a second!

  5. too much vodka says:

    St Petersburg without traffic jams…

  6. Archy Bunka says:

    Communist Imperialism? you say, Avrid, don’t be silly. How could a Socialist Wonderland possibly be imperialist?

  7. septzz says:

    i have been living here in St. Petersburg for 4 years and i will be back home to Malaysia this July. I love this city very much and it’s so sad to leave this beautiful historical city with many magnificent architectures. Let’s have some tea or coffee whoever interested. I love making new friends.. Have a great weekend! =)

  8. Johann says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the photos. A lot were of late forties and early fifties. All buildings, streets and trees show no damage, yet a little time before there was a three year siege and bombardment. The parts shown here then were not damaged by the war or had they all been repaired in the short time since the Germans left? Surely there must have been enormous destruction for 3 years of bombardment and bombimg?!

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