15 Another Cool Park in Kiev

Another Cool Park in Kiev

Posted on April 11, 2011 by team

A new children’s landscape park has lately been built in Kiev. It was created by one sculptor on the money of an unknown benefactor and residents of the nearby houses. It’s quite a weird but at the same time cool park. Well, see yourselves.


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15 Responses to “Another Cool Park in Kiev”

  1. zjoske says:


  2. George Johnson says:

    We used to have kiddie parks in the US too.

    But mostly, because of the fear of lawsuits, most of them have been taken out. Now about all you see, is grass to walk on.

  3. testicules says:


  4. Jon says:

    I was here. Popular place for wedding couples to go for photos

  5. kafkas says:


  6. The Stegosaur says:


  7. DouglasUrantia says:


  8. Arvid Blomerus says:

    I just visited Russia. I bought a hand made chess-set with Stalins red army on one side & Hitler´s ss-forces on the other.

    “You fu**in naxi, allways eating others´ horses…”

    Fun as ever, That green rabbit is phenomenal.

  9. YJ says:

    These will become every child’s nightmare that lives in the area, I feel sorry for them.

  10. KR says:

    Where in Kiev can I find the park?

  11. KR says:

    Where in Kiev can I find this park?

  12. Javier says:

    I’m a spanish man, and it is not creepy for my, it is so beautyfull, specially for kids, that scultures remember me Gaudi, and our Guell Park in Barcelona. Congratulations to Kiev

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